Wednesday, September 12, 2007

California Pattern & Allergy Relief Takes Flight With American Bald Eagles

Picture Taken by Rosalie McTigue

Is this Lafayette or San Diego, California? It was tough to tell the difference today! But we know this does not last for long here in Indiana. Get ready for lots of twists and turns in your forecast, full of swooping eagles and temperatures and also summer making sure we know it is not done with us yet. It will be a forecast to tune in for tonight! I will even have a sneak peak look at your winter forecast and tell you if most of our long-range models are showing a warm winter, average winter, or below average winter. Hint: I am still leaning toward a mild fall and start to winter followed by a snowy finish to our winter in January and February. I will make sure to line up all the forecast for you over the next couple of weeks to show you what everybody is thinking. I can tell you the Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting the warmest year in 100 years, and the Farmer's Almanac is calling for a snowy and cold winter in the Midwest. It is the first time I remember these two particular almanacs disagreeing. Since I go through dozens of almanacs a year, this is quite impressive and actually may hold a clue to what my final winter outlook will be. Next week, I will have a nice chart for you here on the blog, but now let's talk about the beautiful American Bald Eagles spotted around the area the past couple of weeks.

Here is a great picture sent in of an American Bald Eagle near Delphi on Tuesday. Of course this picture is perfect timing with the eagle of course being our country's national symbol. This is a week where all Americans take a step back to be thankful for all we have and of course we found out six years ago just how strong we are as a country thanks to many unsung heroes that allow us to enjoy our freedom day in and day out. We can feel proud of being a true leader of the world in good times and bad and cannot thank those folks enough that have served our country and those that are sacrificing themselves all over the world today. I had two grandfathers that served in World War 2 and I know they are looking over us today very proud of our country and how we continue to meet unprecedented challenges. I think of my grandfathers each and every day and really feel fortunate and know I can enjoy what I do today because of them. They also loved talking about the weather!

I will check back with you tonight and talk about one of our weather watchers that actually spotted snow! Can this really be true?...I will let you know! In the meantime, I also wanted you to take a look at relief. The cooler weather has helped lower the soaring allergy values we have seen over the past couple of weeks. The allergy count has been through the roof, but now it is looking better! Make it a great day and hopefully you will not sniffle and sneeze as much.

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