Friday, August 31, 2007

Spectacular Start to September Just in Time for the MDA Telethon & My Wedding Anniversary

Courtesy of Monty Sloan

Hello, I really missed checking in with you. I am officiallly off work the rest of the week spending good time with my family and getting ready to replace my kitchen floor. If you want to come over and help me, please let me know. I am not the handiest guy in the world, but I am going to give 110%. Help, please help! Okay, I will regain my composure.

This weekend will certainly be a special one for me. It is hard to believe I will be celebrating my 12th wedding anniversary. You see I put a romantic picture of the moon above just for Julie. Julie has been the best wife I could have ever imagined and without her I certainly would not have been able to do what I love every night on television. I met her at a television station in Jacksonville, Florida and she was by far the most talented and beautiful reporter I have ever met. She decided that one of us in this crazy business was enough. Well, she was right like she always is and I really could never thank her enough for all her support not just as a wife, but as my best friend. She also deserves an award for the best Mom of the year. While I am giving the weather she is basically in charge of running 3 girls around town to all their extra-cirricular activities. If there was ever a super woman it is Julie! Now I have to regain my composure again....

I picked a great time to take off work. The weather is not just quiet, it is boring which is very unusual in Indiana.This beautiful picture above of the moon at Wolf Park on Tuesday night was a good omen for a beautiful weather pattern shaping up as we get ready to head into September. Yes, the wolves were howling with the rest of us. But we really need boring weather so that we can get all of those important plans in this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, I am going to go pick up my tux today for the MDA Telethon which begins on Sunday night and runs through 6:30 p.m. Monday. It has become a proud tradition of ours here at TV-18 to not only celebrate having a holiday weekend with barbeques, apple pies, and family but more importantly spreading the news that we are getting closer each and every year to finding a cure for muscular dystrophy thanks to your help. It is amazing how far we have come and all the medical advances made over the years. It truly was a dream when the telethon started in the 1960's to somehow make a difference, but here in the 21st Century, the dream is now a reality. We are closer than ever to really finding a cure and giving plenty of hope for those with Muscular Dystrophy and in the meantime helping them live their life as normal as possible.

I had the pleasure to chat with Miriam Whitlock, her camp counselor Bridget, and most of her family. She was truly an inspiration to me and she has plenty of great camp stories to share with us over the weekend. Miriam is a seventh-grader at Wea Middle School. Her twin sisters Hannah and Faith you see in the picture are first graders at Mayflower Mill. They were absolute dolls and loved all the lights and of course the weather wall at the TV station. Hannah wants to be a TV Meteorologist and she certainly is well on her way. Jeff Smith, Gina Q, Sue Scott, Special K. Dolan, Seth Conley, and I are all really excited about this year. We are looking forward to a record-setting year. This could be the year that puts us over the top in our fight with Muscular Dystrophy. That is how close we are. Thanks in advance for all your support and have a wonderful weekend.

I also appreciate all your support throughout the year! Happy September and enjoy this refreshing weather while we have it. September will likely be another hotter than average month and we will dry back out with below average rainfall. October holds hope for more typical weather. I will have more on this here on the blog by Monday and be back to normal at work on Tuesday. Take care.

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