Monday, August 27, 2007

Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse Alert Tonight!

It was a great weekend. I will get to the lunar eclipse, but first things first. I had a wonderful time emceeing at the always exciting Little Miss-Little Mister & Miss Camden pageant. I cannot believe it was already my third year at one of my favorite events. Time does fly when you are having fun. Here are a few pictures from Saturday.

Garrett Tomson-Camden's Little Mister 2007

From left to right: Little Miss: Taylor Williams, Miss Camden:Denise Kendall, Little Mister Garrett Tomson, and Camden Golden Star Marge Seiber

I even found a new weather watcher for the town of Camden. I am always looking for more weather watchers outside of Tippecanoe County. So e-mail me at if you are interested.

We really are in need of more weatherwatchers not only in Carroll County, but Cass County, Pulaski County, Warren County, Fountain County, and Montgomery County. The more eyes and ears I have out there, the safer we will all be. Welcome aboard Krista Tomson, our new weatherwatcher from Camden!

I also enjoyed visiting Dayton on Saturday so I could call off the rain and greet folks at the soggy Wabash River Cycle Century Ride. It did stop raining! I was amazed by the large turn-out. Andy Hersch and company tell me it rains almost every year so the cyclists are ready for it. I will have to make sure to remember this when forecasting next year.

My Saturday was highlighed by meeting Miriam and her family and friends to prepare for next weekends MDA telethon. You will find out more on Miriam. She has quite a story to tell that still has me fired up for this coming up MDA weekend! She certainly brought out the sunshine on a rainy Saturday morning. Speaking of sunshine, we will give Miriam all the credit for the weather clearing up for the second part of our weekend.

The weather was so great on Sunday it helped raise record amounts of money to help find a cure for Muscular Dystrophy. Special kudos and thanks go out to the Lafayette Fire Department for filling up their boots with close to 50,000 dollars. The Harley bike riders were there for Jerry's kids as always and raised over $100,000 dollars with their 100 mile bike trip, and today the weather looks just right for the Bear Raffle at 5:30 p.m. to help raise money to fight Muscular Dystrophy.

This is what makes this community special. Not only is it a special place to live, but we have the most giving community you will find anywhere. These intangibles are usually left out of all the "best places to live" surveys. If the really important things were taken into account, Lafayette would be in the top 10 in every single survey out there, without a doubt. We also have some of the best weather when it comes to change and variety. Tonight we will look to the sky for a total lunar eclipse. Check it out above! It will be first thing tomorrow morning and it will coincide with being a full moon. It should be breath-taking.

Contrary to all the rumors out there, there will not be two full moons in the sky tonight. Mars will not be as big and bright as the moon. This is called the Mars hoax that began in 2003. I will have more on this tonight. Mars will actually be closest to the earth in December and it will outshine all the other stars and planets, but certainly not the moon and it will be just a speck in the sky. Nature caught us up on rainfall in a hurry last week. That was certainly no hoax! I will also have more on this during the newscast tonight! Choose to make it a great day!

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