Monday, August 13, 2007

Back to School & Back to Changeable Hoosier Weather

The old Hoosier saying so far this month has been if you do not like the hot and dry weather, move to Alaska! This week we can finally say if you do not like the weather, just wait a few minutes. We have plenty of changeable weather in the forecast, and even better chances of rain which we badly need. The high pressure you see above that has blocked any chance of nice, refreshing weather is going to reposition itself farther south and west this week. This will allow the hot pattern to simmer down. It will also allow us to have much better rain chances. An interesting weather week is on the way!

There is also a lot of excitement in the Prangley family. My daughters first day of school is tomorrow. This is a good thing. They have literally been spending more time in the water than most dolphins do. They could use a little reading and aritmetic. They have all of their school supplies, but that is not enough nowadays. Today is mall day so they can go buy some shoes and look at outfits. When I went to school my brother and I would play every conceivable sport outside on our last day of summer vacation. I would pretend I was Cal Ripken Jr. and he would be Nolan Ryan. But it is an entirely different way of life with girls. Not that I am complaining. I feel like I hit the jackpot by having 3 girls. I cannot thank my wife enough. She helps to make sure my daughters are ready for the first big day of school and makes it very easy on me. All I have to do today is blog a little, have fun at work with the weather, and come home and make sure all the girls are tucked in bed early. Thank you Julie! It is an exciting new beginning for all the kids and I have my camera ready for tomorrow. I will most likely not get too emotional tomorrow, but that will likely change when I take Lauren to pre-school for the first time in a couple weeks.

Weatherwise, it is also out with the old and in with the new weather pattern. That is right! Put the tissues away! We started to see the first signs of change last week in northern Canada as the shorter days have helped a pool of chilly air in northern Canada to build. This will bring a great first night of high school footballl on Friday. We have hit the weather jackpot for sweet relief! This is the time of year when cooler air masses hold together much better and we will really notice the difference by late this week. There is also a bigger contrast in temperatures that sets up from north to south. This can spawn an increase in severe weather as we finish out August and head into September. So remember to keep your guard up. Here are some pictures from last week in the Cleveland area to remind us of what can happen this time of year. Just take a look and I will comment on them later today. You may want to sit down first. These are incredible. A special thank you to meteorologist Betsy Kling at WKYC in Cleveland for giving me permission to use these.

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