Friday, August 3, 2007

Cabin Fever in Lafayette, Snow in Canada, & Big Concerns for Florida

Lafayette's heat wave sunset!

It was so hot our corn in the picture above almost turned into popcorn. Folks around Lafayette are reporting cases of cabin fever. Usually this takes place in the winter, when it is too cold outside. Well this summer cabin fever is being caused by scorching heat as our hot streak hits 4 straight days today. We do have modest relief tonight before temperatures could reach their hottest readings since 1999. Check back to see how hot!

In the meantime, think about this...I was up late last night tracking SNOW....that is right, northern Canada had its first snowflakes of the season up on the Arctic Bay. Nanisivik, Canada had temperatures in the upper 20s with snow. This morning at last report, the snow was mixing with some rain showers. Remember to keep those cool thoughts and that here in Lafayette our average first snowflakes are just 4 short months away.

I am also working on the new tropical update just in from Dr. Gray and it is grim. Expect 12 named storms in the next 12 weeks or about an average of one per week. Florida is my state of most concern, including northeast Florida which is long overdue for another hurricane. This morning a train of rain is impacting Florida. This is a warning sign from nature of things to come for the Sunshine State. I will have more on this. Who says meteorologists have nothing to do on quiet weather days. I may need an hour weather special tonight between shows. The adrenaline is really pumping, like our heat wave! I am just getting started. Make sure to check back here on the blog for more and of course tune in tonight for an interesting seven day forecast.

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