Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Heat Advisory in Effect As Lafayette is One of Hottest Places in the Entire Country

It is so hot outside folks are complaining about having to go outside to get the mail. Imagine what the mailman is going through. I think the mail carriers deserve an award when it gets this hot outside. I remember they delivered during the blizzard and they are even there for us in heat waves. My hats off to all mail carriers! Speaking of heat waves, this one is just getting started. By Wednesday we will have at least 20 states reaching 100 degrees or above and here in Lafayette we have a chance to challenge record highs for August and will not be far from the all-time August record of 103 degrees. We will certainly meet the criteria for a heat advisory to be in effect for today, Wednesday, and Thursday. These numbers are shocking!

Yesterday, it felt like 109 in Frankfort and 108 in Lafayette. As our thunderstorm activity decreases over the next few days it will allow temperatures to literally go through the roof with highs in the upper 90s to near 100 on Wednesday and Thursday. The heat index values you see above are in the shade. So if you are in the direct sunlight you can add another 15 to 20 degrees. The hottest part of the day is usually between noon and 8 p.m. Here were the amazing heat index values from the Colt World Series in Lafayette yesterday evening.

Here in the Lafayette area we will feel like one of the hottest places in the country. While our heat index sizzled at 105 yesterday at 7 p.m. the national high temperature was 104 in El Centro, California without the humidity. So you get the point. This is a dangerous heat wave. Join me tonight to find out about this record-breaking heat and if we could set an all-time record high for the month of August. We will also take a closer look at how the heat index was devised with assumptions that will really open your eyes.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Mike.
I have a couple suggestions.

1. Make the Live Doppler 18 popup window resizeable. You can zoom in on the picture, but afterwards the picture is bigger than the window with no way to look around it.

2. Give us a radar in motion over the last few hours. Seeing where the rain is at is fine, but still pictures don't show which way it's moving.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike!
Greetings from HOT South Carolina! We moved down here from West Lafayette in January, and it is HOT today-we're at 100 degrees here in Columbia with a heat index of 106!
By the way, thanks for keeping me updated on what's going on back home!

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