Thursday, August 9, 2007

5th Most Intense Heat Wave on Record Comes to a Crashing Halt

You are in some big company when you are on the same list as 1936 and 1947 when talking about hot weather. When searching through the almanac last night it was hard to believe we were within 5 degrees of the most intense August heat waves on record. The good news is that we will not have 20 consecutive August days above 90 degrees like we saw in 1936. Back then there was not even any air-conditioning and some local residents tell me that their families had to sleep outside on their front lawns just to survive. The highlight of the day was when the ice trucks would come by. So here in 2007 we are pampered compared to 1936, but this heat wave has been no walk in the park. My daughters and I have been living at the pool during the day this week and the water has literally turned into bath water. Today it should come to a crashing halt a cold front moving through. You can see the big change on the way.

A cold front will bring scattered showers and thunderstorms to the area this afternoon and evening. This will make it feel up to 20 degrees cooler by Friday with a heat index dropping from 100 today to a mere 87 by Friday. You can see the actual air temperatures above. We are in a slight risk for severe weather this afternoon, but based on the latest soundings we may very well miss out on the storms again. I will post a drought update here on the blog. At least we are not missing out on the relief.


Anonymous said...

Come on Mikey, serve up some rain!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mike, have you seen any reviews for this caveman series... looks funny. Like something you might watch!