Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hottest August Day Since 1988 Broils Lafayette

It was one for the books. We had the hottest August day since August 19, 1988 when we also hit 98 degrees. Comparing Lafayette's temperatures to yesterday's world high temperature we were only 22 degrees shy of Algeria's high of 120 degrees. The old record of 96 for Lafayette yesterday set way back in 1941 was no match for this heat wave and it is not done with us yet. We will be an incredible 113 degrees hotter today than it was after the great blizzard of 2007 which was less than 6 months ago. It seems like 6 years ago. Depending on cloud cover actual air temperatures could push 100 degrees today. Here are more incredible heat facts.

The overnight complex of storms that hit Illinois may be our saving grace with the leftover clouds blocking out some of that searing sunshine may save us from actually hitting 100, but it will be a close call. But, clouds or no clouds a heat advisory is once again in effect today and it will certainly feel like over 100 degrees. Remember that anytime temperatures and the humidity combine to make it feel like 105 or higher in the shade, it is dangerous to the human body. Here is a chart that shows you why we will be in the danger zone the next couple of days. I also put in a column that shows how it will feel in direct sunlight. Enough said. Yes, my maps are on fire!

Keep your sense of humor. Remember not to shoot the messenger. I do have a joke for you before I go workout this morning thanks to Ann.

You mentioned popcorn on your 6:00 new cast and made me think of a funny story my Mom used to tell us when we were little. She said it was so hot one summer the corn started popping and the cows thought it was snow and froze to death! Thanks for jogging my memory!!!!!

I will check back with you here on the blog and we can finally talk about some relief, but it may be brief relief. The good news is some welcome rain will accompany the cold front. I will make sure to post the latest on drought conditions in Indiana and why this hot pattern may be a recurring pattern over the next couple weeks. That is right, we may be in the soup through August 20th based on the latest maps. This heat wave may just be the appetizer on nature's hot plate. Join me at 5,6, and 11 for more on this and I look forward to seeing you soon.

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