Thursday, August 2, 2007

Heat Wave Tightens Grip & the Colts Remind Us to Take the Heat Seriously

Yes, we are used to the dog day weather this time of year and officially the dog days which coincide with the hottest weather of the year between July 3rd and August 11th are in full swing. But not known to many are the eye-opening facts above. On average heat waves kill more people than any other weather event in the United States.

Our WLFI weather watchers and the world champion Indianapolis Colts are taking this red hot weather seriously. Mary Anne in Remington passed up on picking fresh sweet corn during the heat of the day yesterday. I know it is tempting, but she has got it right as usual. Any strenuous activity between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. is not advised. This includes all joggers that are in marathon shape. I have decided to take my work-outs to the indoor tread mill until it cools down outside. Do not take any chances. If you must run outside, drink plenty of water and a sports drink hours in advance and hit it very early in the morning.

According to our Sports Director Mike Cleff, the Indianapolis Colts took water breaks every 10 minutes in the blistering heat yesterday in Terre Haute. Tony Dungy knows a thing or two about heat safety. There is no beating the heat. In fact, Tony Dungy did not let his team work-out in the heat for more than 90 minutes at a time yesterday. Even the Big Blue Machine and Peyton Manning that drew folks as far away as Maryland to watch their practices is no match for nature.

You will also want to remember to have a cool place for your pets. Our weather watcher Charlotte in Monon has some great advice. You can put ice cubes in your pets water bowl to keep the water cooler and make sure to re-fill those pet bowls frequently. The heat is hardest on the very young and elderly. Do not even think of leaving your pets or kids in the car for even a moment. Car temperatures can go well over 120 degrees in just a few short minutes even with the windows cracked. Make sure to check on the elderly and even if they say they are fine, make sure to tell them once the indoor temperature hits 80 degrees, not even fans will help to keep them cool. In fact, fans give you a false sense of security and do not lower the body temperature.

I do have at least a little relief on the way for the weekend, but another heat wave will build back in next week with even hotter temperatures. Today, get ready for the hottest day of the year and increasing humidity. It will actually feel close to 100 in the shade. In the direct sunlight you can add another 20 degrees. So remember to slow it down. I will check back with you later today with more hot facts and the hope of at least some relief moving our way this weekend, albeit briefly. Choose to make it a great day, hot or not! Most of all, be smart!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, sweet corn here and I am glad I made that choice! This winter when there is no corn to get from the freezer I hope I remember why I chose not to put any up LOL!!

Mary Anne