Friday, August 17, 2007

Are You Ready for Football? It is Frenzy Time!

Finally a different question to answer today? You betcha. We all know that everybody is ready for more rain, but now it is high school football time. Are you ready for football? Don't worry i will not sing, just type. There is nothing like opening night for high school football. This can help to take our mind off the horribly dry conditions nature has sacked us with over the past few months. Not even Payton Manning could save us from nature's wrath. It has also been outrageously hot, but this forecast will help cool you down as well! Last year's opening games were stormy with plenty of delays and cancellations, but not this year.

I will have more on this, but I am so fired up now I am going to go work out. I look forward to being live at Central Catholic with the sports team tonight. They all know I have always loved sports, so I cannot thank them enough for including me. I will check back with you soon. In the meantime, choose to make it a great day and if you want you can check out some updated pictures and stories on the blog from earlier in the week.

What a fun time. It was great talking to folks and handing out our new Friday night Frenzy T-Shirts at Central Catholic. You can see a couple of Frenzy Fanatics above. I had fun wearing shoulder pads during my live-shot earlier this evening and even took a hit from Matthew on CC. I didn't get his number. I think it was #24. It was certainly a fun live-shot. The reason I wore those shoulder pads is to prove how it really was comfortable even in shoulder pads. My shirt will never quite be the same. It is hard to believe the heat index was over 100 at this time last week.

The only hard hits from nature will likely hold off until late weekend and eary next week with maybe a few strong thunderstorms. Rain amounts could be heavy, but I really do not like mentioning or talking about rain anymore. At least not until I see it. But I think an active tropics will actually help end our desert pattern here in the Lafayette area. The reason for this is the remnants from Tropical Storm Erin should interact with a front bringing not just rain, but sideways rain. Take a look at the overall pattern.

Tropical moisture usually runs around the periphery of our huge high pressure systems. This will bring a nice, rich tropical flow from the Gulf of Mexico we have not seen in quite some time. This change could not come soon enough as the drought continues to knock on our door here in Tippecanoe County. We still have two counties in official drought conditions. They are Miami and Howard Counties. If we do not get this rain in the next week, we will have an official drought in Lafayette. But I still think it is all about the tropics and a big change ahead. Mean Dean has formed in the Atlantic and it is one of the strongest early season hurricanes on record. I will leave you with a picture of the eye of the storm. This is such a beautiful picture, but unfortunately it is a deadly storm.

Next week I expect another hurricane to form with more of a threat to the eastern United States. Mean Dean is just the start of a pattern that needs to be watched closely. We can certainly count our blessings at tonight's football games.

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