Monday, August 6, 2007

You Can Bank on It! Hottest Week of the Year is Here

So far this summer we have had a couple reports of bank thermometers reaching over 100 degrees. This is because these thermometers are located over very hot pavement, so they are anything but realistic. But this week even official thermometers in grassy areas, located in the shade could flirt with 100 degrees. Our second heat wave of the year this week may bring our hottest temperatures in several years. The last time we hit 100 degrees was back on July 30, 1999 and we could certainly rival that. The real big concern is we have been real lucky when it comes to the humidity so far this year. This will change with the upcoming heat wave. It is bad enough when temperatures reach well into the 90s to near 100, but if you add in a ton of humidity which is in the forecast it becomes downright dangerous. Here is a chart explaining why we will be in the danger zone. It will easily feel like 105 to 115 through at least Thursday before any relief arrives Friday and into the weekend. Heat has a cumulative effect on the human body and if you string consecutive days in a row that feel above 100 it does take a real toll. So please slow it down, it is a matter of life and death.

No doubt about it, we will have to use common sense and limit outdoor exposure and activities much of this week. In the meantime, make sure you keep cool thoughts. I found this shirt in my closet while doing some cleaning. I hope this helps. I felt a lot better after wearing it around the house and it brought back some memories of the blizzard of 2007. Was it really almost 5 months ago?

I certainly would rather have a blizzard than a heat wave. If you stepped outside today you will know why. Choose to make it a great day, hot or not! Here are some more important safety tips that we really need to pay attention to. Remember to drink plenty of water, check on the elderly, and just bring the pets in like you would during a severe cold outbreak.

Stay cool by logging on and tuning in and our weather team will help you through this heat wave just like we did during the blizzard. If this is not enough remember the latest long-range models do indicate a big flip in this pattern as we head into the autumn with an early frost this year looking more likely. This is also a sign of a busy hurricane season that will literally explode in the next couple of weeks.

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