Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tons of Free Vitamin D, Pounding Surf & Keep out the Shorts and Sweatshirts

Saturday, November 13th  12 p.m. (Mike Prangley Weather Blog)

Happy Saturday and yes it is all about football for most folks today. Weatherwise it looks great but just make sure you keep the entire wardrobe handy and take your vitamins. My favorite kind of vitamin and one of the most important vitamins is Vitamin D and today nature will provide plenty of it in the form of sunshine. As little as 10 minutes in our Florida sunshine this time of year actually can help you prevent vitamin D deficiencies according to some studies. Amazing. The picture above tells the story. Plenty of vitamin D filled sunshine and cormorants in the pine trees if you look close enough! Those fresh and salt-water fish eating birds are getting their nutritional needs in more than one way as well. During our fishing forecast today on Good Morning Jacksonville we talked about the big catches of blue gill and shrimp being reported on the St.Johns. The thing to guard against though is our wild temperatures. Lows ranged from 31 in Waycross to 56 at St. Augustine Beach. Jacksonville officially hit 40 and we are on target for our forecast high of 71 as temperatures have been jumping about 6 to 8 degrees per hour. This morning we explained the reason for this is our extremely dry air mass, dry ground, and with huge temperature differences between our land and water thrown into the mix you can make a case we have the most diverse weather in the entire country. My best advice is to take a multi-vitamin with all these ups and downs so your body's immune system is in good shape to fight off all these crazy ups and downs nature is dishing out.

Tonight you do not want to be fooled if you are going to the Gators or Noles night games. Once again temperatures will drop off rapidly with clear, crisp, and calm conditions.

So yes you will once again need to get out the sweatshirts and maybe add jeans to the mix if you are packing for the big game. At least you will not have to worry about any rain which really would have made it damp and raw. By tomorrow in this slow-moving pattern you can once again get the shorts back out as highs recover back into the lower to middle 70s with mostly sunny teal! One interesting note is that we have been picking up more plumes of smoke on Live Doppler than rain lately with a huge wild fire being reported in northwest Clinch County near Homerville. Yes, our Live Doppler is sensitive enough to pick up birds, insects, and even smoke. Folks reported reduced visibilities on Interstate 10 yesterday and today with a northeast wind I would not be surprised if this scenario is repeated. You can see the big fire and its close proximity to Interstate 10.

First Coast Live Doppler shows where the fire is located and what I like even more about this shot is the live beam coming from your our very own  Live Doppler which makes it the quickest and most accurate radar in our viewing area. We take severe weather safety seriously every day of the year and this is one more way we help to keep your family safe. Next week we do have some needed rain and even some thunderstorms in the forecast so make sure to tune in to see where the rain is actually located and not an image at least 3 to in some cases more than 5 minutes old. Speaking of rain, how badly are we in need of it? Well check it out below.

The fiery red sticks out like a sore thumb on this map and  it means that severe drought now encompasses more than 90% of our viewing area due to a rain deficit over 15 inches at Jacksonville International Airport and counting. We will have more tonight on rainfall in our forecast, how much you can expect, and why the weather patterns taking place now are so important when it comes to what we can expect this winter.

Around the country and world: I will post some snow pictures from Minnesnowta and talk about their THUNDER SNOW! Yes, there is heavy snow, thunder, and lightning happening at all the same time and it only happens with your more intense storms as rapidly rising air and steep lapse rates create a vaccuum effect. There will be some areas that will pick up over a foot of snow! I think this is a sign of a huge snow year for Minnesota and the farther south and east you go from Minneapolis, not so much.  What happens in November, nature tends to remember for the rest of the winter. That is a weather saying that holds plenty of merit. We also have Virginie trying to form in the tropics. In the meantime tune in at 6, 7,  and 11 for the latest on our Florida weather that is always exciting even on a sunny day. We have had surf reports of some 7 foot waves crashing onshore today as forecasted . You stay warm at the football games, take those vitamins and I will see you soon!

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