Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nature Giving Florida a Weather Pardon While St. Augustine Turns Into A Winter Wonderland!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010 (12:30 p.m.)

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Checking in briefly between going to the grocery store and cleaning the house. Grandma is also coming to town! Nature is also very busy. There are watches and warnings in about half the lower contiguous 48 states. The good news is travel delays are not so bad since the main hubs are not experiencing any major weather problems. So while the maps are lighting up it is all about timing and location, location, location. It is hard to believe Sugar Mountain, California has now had over 7 feet of snow in the last 72 hours. But the good news is most of us do not have any connecting flights out there. There have been pockets of freezing rain in Illinois and Indiana but south of Chicago and flooding looks like the biggest threat. Minneapolis is dodging a major snowstorm while International Falls has at least a half-foot of snow on the way. A blizzard warning is in effect for Utah and portions of Colorado. Severe thunderstorms will roll across portions of Arkansas and Missouri but it will not be a major severe outbreak. Bitter cold wind chills continue in Montana with temperatures at 40 to 50 below zero. That can freeze exposed skin in as little as 10 minutes! Compare this to our weather in Florida where most of us will remain in the 80s through Friday. The surfers are out from St. Augustine Beach to Fernandina Beach. The sunshine is putting on a dazzling display today and the kids are enjoying their bikes and running around outside. Folks are talking about grilling their turkeys outside this year and if you have never had grilled turkey it is very good. Remember to use a little mesquite charcoal for that added flavor. Time to fire up the grills, especially with lower 80s and sunshine in the forecast tomorrow!

Yes! Nature has given us a big weather pardon here in Florida!. We are almost as lucky as two turkeys. The other big news today is President Obama gave two turkeys Apple and Cider presidential pardons. Those lucky turkeys will go be on display at the Mount Vernon Holiday celebrations through January. Once the holidays are done they will get to live a full life with the other livestock. Now if you moved to Florida from a colder climate and like looking out your window at some snow during the holidays, you can always head to St. Augustine's Winter Wonderland. Here is a link for you with more information.

Believe it or not there is snow in the forecast tonight between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. over the ice skating rink and Elf Village and you can enjoy it in mild 60 degree weather. I do think that is the best of both worlds. I have always wanted a snow-making machine. We have a hill in our backyard we could put to good use. The snow would not last for long in this weather but it the kids would love it!

In our forecast it looks like the only problem will continue to be patchy dense fog. We had more dense fog advisories this morning and we may not be done yet. Fog is a sign of a nice weather pattern but can also cause big travel troubles. Remember your low beams under the moonbeams late tonight. This is being caused by a light moist flow off the ocean and with mostly clear skies it is allowing our temperatures to cool to the dew point. This is the temperature at which the air reaches saturation. The wind will start to pick up and switch to the south and southwest by tomorrow night and Friday morning. This will help mix up the atmosphere and keep fog from being a problem. Just remember to slow it down late tonight and Thanksgiving morning so you can enjoy the nice long holiday weekend which should feature plenty of clear weather and low chances of any more fog.

Rain amounts are still looking light on Black Friday and will hold off until later in the day. I think this means we could hit 80 once again. The weekend will cool back into the lower to middle 60s Saturday and maybe a little patchy frost Sunday for our interior locations before we warm back up into the upper 60s to near 70. Travel weather across the country looks good on Sunday! No big storm systems! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember our weather team and First Coast News is thankful for you . Also a big thank you for reading the weather blog. Now off to the grocery store! I will try to watch out for you when I am going between aisles. It can be dangerous this time of year. Whew!!!!

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