Monday, November 15, 2010

David Garrard Hail Mary TD to Mike Thomas..Jaguars vs. Texans 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010  7 a.m.

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GOOOOOOOD Morning....the archive link you have been asking for is there and I still have goosebumps thinking about THE CATCH! I am surprised I still had a voice for last night's weather cast. It is the talk of the town and the last time I remember a Hail Mary pass working was when Doug Flutie was playing for Boston College...I was eating a steak dinner with my family when that play took place. Yesterday I will always remember being in the newsroom and going nuts with the rest of the TV crew.

Weather wise today it will not top last night's game but we do have more winning weather. Sunshine and highs near 80 today. Check out a few of the weather headlines from last night. I will be talking about just how dry we have been, the latest model runs on rainfall, an unusual optical phenomenon in the sky yesterday and much more.....I am working on some dry weather stats this morning with the National Weather Service in Jacksonville, have a meeting and a run, but will be back to update the blog this afternoon with expected rainfall!

 Check back here...where the weather is always exciting! Yes! It has not only been dry, but a chilly November with below average temperatures since November 5th. Fair attendance suffered a bit this year due to the chilly evenings, but that is changing along with our weather pattern. I will be back to explain why and enjoy the warmer weather and make it a great day!

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