Monday, November 8, 2010

Running Season is Here and Nature Finally Settles on Fine Autumn Weather

Monday, November 8, 2010 8:30 a.m.

Here is a picture of me at last year's National Breast Cancer Marathon or the Run 26.2 with Donna to finish breast cancer. I was fired up to say the least and finished under 4 hours which was my goal. It was an outstanding and very organized race and had the electric atmosphere I have not felt since I finished the Chicago Marathon back in 2006. Today it is all about great weather and running! It is running season and nature has finally settled on fine autumn weather after throwing 4 seasons at us over the past 3 days. Today's highs will be back up to 70 degrees. This picture is a big reminder that the National Breast Cancer Marathon is only 97 days away. I am looking forward to running this race to not only achieve my personal goals but more importantly do all I can to help finish breast cancer. I know you can do it too! Most runners cannot be Olympic gold medalists but you know what if feels like after finishing a marathon. Even better by running the 26.2 miles with Donna you know that every step you take helps bring us one step closer to finishing that horrible disease. I look forward to seeing you out there and yes you can!

Great job to all the 45,000 runners at the New York City Marathon yesterday, especially the huge contingent of folks from Indiana and Florida! Your results are amazing! It is the people that have gotten me through my 8 marathons and counting so far. The weather stories you hear from all over the country...just talking about family which helped me tackle the big bridge in Louisville at mile 22! Yes! Thank you....You are an inspiration and I will think about you on my 2 hour run on the beach today. RUNNING SEASON IS HERE. It is time to make those dreams come true for yourself and others by setting goals and following through. Finish strong and make it your day, your run, your life! Here is your 10 day forecast to inspire you to get outside! This is straight from our First Coast weather app that I updated last night! If you have not downloaded it you are missing out! Don't miss out on this great weather. Enjoy and make today your day and let nature and your dreams lead the way! Notice we do not have any more cold spells anytime soon.  I do think we hit 80 this week. The great part is we also have gotten rid of all those bone-chilling breezes and even our boating weather is shaping up nicely today with near-shore small craft advisories being lifted. Be careful if you want to cool down in the ocean. Water temperatures have plummeted to 67! Next weekend for the big Jags-Houston game any rain should be brief and isolated. The bigger story will be the Jags moving up in the division standings. Better chances of rain come in the following week.

Check back here on the blog and we will talk more about a stormier pattern setting up across the country as we head toward Thanksgiving including a shock to the system storm hitting New England today with 60 mph winds in Boston and inland snow. This will impact our Florida weather. If you are in Indiana you will have the nicest week of weather until next Spring with 60s and get those holiday lights hung while you can....and RUN! If you are in Washington, D.C. I have just finished your snow forecast for the think New Englanders are shocked this morning. Just wait! So much to talk about, so little time...but always make time to run! Talk to you VERY SOON! Have a great day.


JIWB said...

Mike, Lafayette, had FL, like temperatures today! Ughhhhh lol. Jacksonville, FL, seen temps around 69* - 70* degrees. I recorded a high in Lafayette, of 70.5* degrees! That's 5 1/2* degrees short of the record high of 76* degrees. CRAZY!! In November!!

The calendar say's November but nature say's otherwise!

Bring on the cold and snow!! :)

Justin In Lafayette, IN.

JIWB said...

I just can't believe we are runnign a good 20* degrees above average.

Justin In Lafayette, IN.