Saturday, November 27, 2010

Leftover Showers & Turkey Hats Give Way to a Main Course of Full Autumn Weather

Saturday, November 27, 2010   10 a.m.

What a great start to our Thankgiving Weekend. We had what I termed "shop till you drop" weather yesterday on our morning show. But the picture above tells the real story. It has been all about the great weather outside. A lot of folks were taking advantage of our 80 degree weather and deep-fryed their turkeys. They say it is hard to get in the holiday spirit when it is so warm outside but I saw more holiday spirit this weekend than I have in several years.We are not only talking adults with special turkey hats but check out the kids in the pool! Now that is the first time I have ever seen that on Thanksgiving. The kids were having a ton of fun in the sun!

When you have 4 consecutive days in the 80s the water heats up quickly and pool temperatures around the area quickly warmed from the lower 60s to lower 70s. I didn't even mind getting splashed when I took this picture. I wanted to jump in but ran out of time. It was a memorable Thanksgiving that is for sure with family, friends, and the weather leading the way! It was kind of surreal especially after getting off the phone with family in Wisconsin that was shivering in 20 degree weather, while my extended family in Lafayette, Indiana reported thunder and sleet, then heavy rain that eventually went over to a brief period of snow. Boiler Up near the heater!! You have a real snowstorm coming Indiana! Things could get very interesting with the great sledding weather for Slater Hill and Murdock Park come Pearl Harbor Day. Let me find a picture for you! Yes, this one will do...I will say it is early but 4 or more inches of snow easily...snow day for the kids...I think so!

Here in Jacksonville we need your cold front to hold together so we can get some real rain. I need your help, okay? I give you sledding weather and you bring us heavy rain! LOL....actually this is no laughing matter with our extreme drought continuing.

Speaking of rain, there is good news and bad news in this blog update. I will keep it positive. The best part of yesterday was not the hit and miss rain showers but the rainbows reported around the area. You can see a double rainbow in St.Johns County where some folks reported .25" of rain followed by raindrops being sun splashed twice over. Yes, basically a rainbow is caused by sunlight being refracted and then reflected off the backside of a raindrop.  Yesterday that sunlight was reflected twice while inside those oblate spheroids (raindrops) and the result was stunning. The rain amounts were disappointing and in what amounted to another front giving us leftover showers due to timing issues and upper support. At least yesterday's ham and turkey leftovers were much better! Thank you Mom and Dad. It was an awesome feast in Mandarin and here are your feast to famine rainfall estimates:

At least there were a few areas in Georgia near Waycross that had a stripe of .50" to 1" of heavier rain. You compare that to St.Augustine which had no rain. Here are other rain amounts across the area:
  • Jacksonville International .01"
  • University of North Floria .01"
  • Jacksonville Beach           .05"
  • Orange Park                    .08"
  • Argyle Forest                   .10"
  • Macclenny                       .10"
  • Downtown Jax                 .10"
  • Cecil Field                        .18"
  • St.Simons Island               .25"
  • St.Johns                            .25"
  • Ortega                              .33"
Now the good news is the long-range models are showing more rain in the forecast by late Tuesday and Wednesday which could be more of a soaking rain. The front looks stronger with more moisture to work with and I will certainly keep my fingers and toes crossed.

We may have missed out on rain but the good news is we will have a full plate of autumn weather for the remainder of the weekend. So far this holiday weekend it has been all about shorts, short-sleeves and turkey hats, but things are changing quickly. We will keep the sunshine but today we will only have highs in the lower to middle 60s which is about 20 degrees cooler than yesterday's near record high of 83. If you are heading to the FSU-Florida game in Tallahassee make sure you have your jackets as temperatures will quickly fall into the 50s by games end. If you are going to one of my favorite events, the boat light show on St.Johns River in downtown Jacksonville expect temperatures to fall into the 40s. We will not stop there with frost likely away from the river and ocean. It is just the beginning of a wild finish to November and a very cold start to December. Make sure to tune in and check back here on the blog. You will want to keep the whole compliment of your wardrobe ready to go...we may be changing outfits more than my 6 year old daughter which may have set unofficial world records. So yes, that is saying an awful lot! I will post your exclusive 10 day forecast here before the end of the weekend and you will see why. Just remember those Disney princess outfits really do not keep you warm even in 70 degree weather. Have a great and safe finish to your holiday weekend.

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