Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jags Ready to Roar in the Finest Football Weather in the Entire Country

Sunday, November 14, 2010  10 a.m. (Mike Prangley's Weather Blog)

Game day is here and the weather looks outstanding. The Jags may not have the best record in the NFL but today they have the best weather. We have come a long way from those 3 lightning delays in a little over 3 weeks back in August and September.  This was after the Jags having only 1 lightning delay in their first 15 years of existence. I remember fans showed incredible support to the home team by waiting almost two hours during lightning delays and it was only a preseason game. The next time somebody in the national media says the Jags have no support those of us that live here know the real story.  I also remember the stands being filled during the Bronco regular season game on September 12th and despite heat index values up near 107 folks roughed it out. That was just a shade temperature. In the stands it felt more like 122. I remember passing several folks that had heat stroke symptoms as I ran out of the stadium so I could do a cut-in warning of storms on the way. The good news is I found a suit and tie and sent text alerts out just in time. Once again Jacksonville Jaguar fans showed their incredible Jaguar pride by waiting through another lightning delay after surviving one of the hottest games in NFL history. Today nature rewards us for all that loyalty with fine football weather. Kickoff temperatures will be in the lower 70s and we should have no problem reaching the middle 70s during the game with a nice refreshing easterly breeze near 7 mph. Tealgating is looking great. The weather is so invigorating I think a steak sounds good to throw on the grill. Yes, this is Filet Mignon weather. Go Jags! We will need the 12th man more than ever since we lost Kampman for the season. He was a leader and great player but good football teams know that it is all about having somebody else step up and fill the void.

Now this is the time of year that it really starts to get interesting and fun comparing our weather to the weather in other parts of the country. Here is a picture from the Puffers in Duluth, Minnesota. It is a winter wonderland with 9" of snow around town. The University of Minnesota Duluth football game was even postponed yesterday. Snow rates were up to about 1 inch per hour and some folks are still without power. So winter is off to a rip-roaring start that is for sure. Here at home I have to admit while most feel great about these compare and contrast exercises because our weather is so much nicer it does make me a bit jealous.. okay a lot jealous. Storms of any kind are exciting to me but I do rank snowstorms at the top of my list. The good news is snow is not far away from us in Florida. I am already planning a trip to the North Carolina mountains this winter. But for today at least all this nice sunshine here at home will help ease any snow-homesickness I may have. Here is another cool shot of their snow dog!

When I lived in Duluth I saw 230 inches of snow in 17 really I have had my fill, right! I also had a golden snow shovel contest in Lafayette, Indiana. The person that guessed the first inch of snowfall would not only get a prize but I would go out and shovel their driveway. Those were the days and yes I enjoyed every second of it. But I do not think I have seen the last snowflake where I live and if we do get an inch of snow I will gladly come out and shovel your driveway. You have it here in writing! LOL

Here in Florida most people may not realize this but in our very large viewing area we have snow flurries on average about every 6 years and a skiff of snow or more on the ground every 12 years! Last year there were a few flurries reported in Putnam County. It was our first report of flurries in our area since the Super Storm of March 1993 so we were way overdue.  But now we have not had a measurable snow in 21 years or since 1989, which means we are 9 years overdue for our version of the BIG ONE! If you are looking for snow this year it will be tough in this La Nina pattern. If you want snow and that is a big if I will have to come early and likely before Christmas this year. With that said I agree that we do not need all the bridges shut down again for three days starting on Christmas Eve like they were back in 1989. I will have more on this tonight during the weather and here on the blog.  But enough of this snow talk. Now it is time to go cheer on the Jags!

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