Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wallabee Weather Pattern Wows Lafayette!

Meet Bennie! He is the new ambassador for the Columbian Park Zoo in Lafayette. I was honored to spend some time with him. It is amazing how graceful wallabees actually can be. Bennie must think he is back in the Outback of Australia with all of these sunny, dry, warm days. Australia of course is more like a desert climate. Here in Lafayette it has been a bit like Oz. When folks are not being bitten by the pirate bugs they are signing their checks July 24th instead of September 24th. This is because we have had 5 consecutive days of 80 or above. This warm string could reach 9 days in a row by Saturday which is significant. It would be our longest warm spell of 80 degrees or above this late in the season since 1991. That was the year we had 8.2 inches of snow for the entire winter. Do not worry I do not expect a repeat of that this year. Also, autumn has not been canceled. That is the hot rumor around town. Well let me put that fire out right now. This weather poem I shared last night at 11 p.m. on the weathercast tells the real story.

It's a summer rewind with autumn hard to find.
Our weather is perfect for a wallabee but remember
next week it could turn frosty!

The longer we stay this unsually warm the more impressive our first autumn blast of the season will be. Like a rubber band, nature likes to snap things back in order and sometimes it is a big snap if our weather has been stretched to its limits. Some maps are actually showing possible snow showers for the upper peninsula of Michigan by the middle of next week. We also may see our first frost here at home in our viewing area by later next week if the clouds clear out and high pressure builds in as expected. This would help kill those pirate bugs and finally give us some real autumn weather. But for today, as they say in Australia get out the sunnies (sunglasses), put the sangers in the esky (sandwhiches in the cooler) and have a great picnic with no worries! We will not say hoo roo (goodbye) to this pattern until late weekend and next week. There is some concern about the East Coast being swamped with flooding and a possible hurricane. Some long-range models try to bring rain into Indiana this weekend. I will have the latest on this tonight and your Feast of the Hunter's Moon forecast. Have a great day mate!


Since there are many autumn weather lovers that are really feeling a bit down right now with no real leaves to enjoy here at home or any semblance of fall weather, here is a link to view some beautiful leaves popping out in the Northeast. I do miss New England autumns and was very fortunate to enjoy scenes like these when I was in college. Lyndonville, Vermont recorded a low of 29 on Tuesday morning so it is another reminder that autumn is not far away. We are just waiting on the tropics to do their thing and a jet stream to usher in our new season. This should help you through the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Nice website Mike, and Bennie as adorable! Poor little Wallabee must be so confused! He will have a loving home at the zoo for sure.

I love the changing of the leaves, yet I am fearful as to what will come next!

Anonymous said...

The Zoo is getting big!

We are getting lot's of Dew but no frost yet to warm! the cooler weather is soon to come though and IM ready!!! :)I have not seen any of thoughs bug's here yet not been bit ether! Guess I have been lucky!

All have a rgeat day.....

Justin in Lafayette.