Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lots to Howl About in Time for the Harvest Moon

The harvest moon is known as one of the biggest and brightest full moons of the year. We have a moonrise at 8:18 p.m. The moon was officially full this morning and what makes it look different to us is caused by two things this time of year. Since we are now closing in on the autumn equinox the earth's orbit around the sun is at more of an angle with respect to the horizon. So this causes our moonrises to be closer to one another this time of year. Instead of a moonrise about 45 minutes later on each successive night, the moon rises about 25 to 30 minutes later every night. This allows the farmers to harvest the corn, beans, pumpkins, and other crops more efficiently.The second reason this moon has a different look is because of the seasonal tilt of the earth. The moon actually stays closer to the horizon which in turn scatters more moonlight through a greater depth of the atmosphere. This reaches our eyes in the longer wavelength forms of red and orange. So this moon is noted to be much more colorful.Tonight will be a good night to check it out! Take some pictures and send them in! I will share it with you at 11 p.m. I will see you soon! We will also take a look at the areas that have already had a year's worth of rainfall, how rivers are doing up north, and why this pattern is here to stay! Plenty to howl about!

Winamac will have its second wettest year on record dating back to 1897 if they receive their average amount of rainfall here on out. There record rainfall is at 50 inches set back in the great flood year of 1993. This year they are on pace to receive 50 inches. Here in Lafayette we are also on a torrid pace. Check out the almanac below.

In Lafayette we have had an extra 3.8 billion gallons of water deluge the area. I am surprised we have not turned into the sixth Great Lake. The record rainfall for Lafayette was set back in 1909 when we had 55.09 inches. I do not think we break this record but never say never! I want to thank Alan Black at the Midwestern Regional Climate Center for all his help on these numbers. They are always a great resource. Now the good news is that we are heading for the silver lining in the clouds. I will talk more about this on the news including great news for the flooded areas near Rensselaer.


Anonymous said...

The moon was beautiful this morning!(7:30 AM) Early around 3:00 am the clouds were thick, and the glow from the moon was amazing!

Why I was up at 3am???? mother nature works not only on weather. LOL!

My weather station shows a temp of 71 and humity of 46% feels cold to me!

Anonymous said...

Hey all! :)

Im going to get out tonight and see if I can get a good look at this moon sound's cool!

Remember the feast of the hunters moon is coming up on the 27th and 28th of this month

Boy there is a lot of talk about moon's tonight! LOL!!!!!
Have a great evening.....

Justin in Lafayette.

Anonymous said...

Oooo, I was just driving my baby to sleep and saw the moon! It was so big it actually kind of startled me! So beautiful, and such a cool, clear night to see it!

Anonymous said...

WOW what a moon it's beautiful!!!

I did my best to get a picture of it. Hard to get a close up though!

I just got in from outside I was waiting for it to come above the tree's. It was well worth the wait!! hope all you blogger's got to see it..... And yes what a nice night. Got the AC off and loveing it!
Everyone sleep well.

Justin in Lafayette.