Sunday, September 21, 2008

Summer Goes Out with a Bang, But Nothing Too Bad!!

Just checking show until at least 11 p.m. tonight but we have had some interesting weather on the last full day of summer....HUGE RAINDROPS at my house while the sun was shining...plenty of humidity to boot. It has been a summer with only 7 days of 90 or above but today was plenty warm with above average temperatures. We will see a few isolated thunderstorms pop up and they should quickly die out this evening. These are pulse thunderstorms which means they pop up and move very little and then quickly rain themselves out. So be careful of PONDING OF WATER ON THE ROADWAYS AND SMALL PEA SIZE HAIL.....Those will continue to be the main threats...I have not picked up a great deal of lightning but of course we always remember those lightning safety rules. No need for cut-ins at this point....enjoy the football game and if anything changes I will check back.

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