Thursday, October 4, 2007

Put Away the Fall Outfits, The Bahama Express is on the Way!

Marissa Baxter reminds us that it is fall and took this fall picture in Rossville, Indiana yesterday evening.

I took this picture of our 18 month old twin daughters, Makenna & Kaylynn in our front yard. It was a pretty fall evening!!!!

Marissa Baxter

At least we had a few hours of autumn out there and the twins were able to wear their fall outfits. I remember when my little ones were only a year old and now in a blink of an eye I already have a 10 year old. So at least Marissa took time to not only enjoy the cool weather while she could but her twins. At least they will not grow up as fast as our temperatures are going up today. Most areas will see temperatures rebound by up to 30 degrees this afternoon with more pool weather and highs in the middle to upper 80s!

This means I am in trouble. The graph above tells the story with highs more than 20 degrees above our 30 year average by Saturday. My daughters have complained to me they have not been able to wear any of their fall clothes to school and it is apparently all my fault. I told them they have to hang in there for a couple more weeks before it really starts to feel like autumn. You can blame this weather pattern not on me but the Bahama Express. I am tracking our weather this afternoon from of all places, the Bahamas! The atmospheric flow in the atmosphere continues to move clockwise around a blocking high pressure over Tennessee. So instead of tracking weather from the Dakotas and Plains states like we usually do this time of year, the weather is actually moving in from the Bahamas. So save money on the airfare and use it for the high air conditioner bills. My air conditioner has been running almost non-stop today.

These clouds are not going to bring much rain but are a sign of not not only even warmer weather on the way but muggy weather as well. So tonight it will be another surreal newscast. I will actually show you heat indeces or how it feels with the temperature and humidity combined for Friday into this weekend. It will be muggy enough to trigger an occasional thunderstorm, but at this time it still looks like a mainly dry weekend. Our record highs all depend on cloud-cover. One thing is for sure and that is it should be very interesting, especially with us being able to at least tie the all-time monthly high of 90 degrees. The latest 90 degree day ever was on October 8th and we will also be within shouting distance of that. So yes, if we are going to be this warm bring on the records. You know how excited I get about breaking records. Even if we do not hit 90 degrees this weekend due to a few clouds, it will feel like it! You can see the maps are literally on fire once again! Ouch!

Do you remember when our first dusting of snow occurred last year? It actually happened in October. Okay time is up! We had a skiff of snow or a light dusting last October 12, 2006. Here is what it looked like on the Prangley deck.

What a difference a year makes. No snow in the forecast this October 12th that is for sure. We even had a little ice on the deck if you look closely. Keep those cool thoughts and just think, it could be snowing like last year. Tomorrow on the blog we will take a closer look at maybe our hottest October weekend on record.

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