Monday, October 15, 2007

I Take the Lambeau Leap & We Jump Into Our Stormiest Pattern Since April

I just got back from the shrine of all NFL stadiums. Lambeau Field lives up to all the hype and more. I felt like a kid again back in Washington, D.C. taking in all the monuments and museums. The sense of history around you is incredible. Vince Lombardi would certainly be proud. Those fans in Green Bay are one of a kind. They have to get some type of award for "nicest fans" in the NFL. Now they probably would not have been as nice if I was wearing Bear or Viking colors, but I can tell you I have never been treated with such hospitality at any sporting event. They were first-class. Colts fans are also known for their hospitality and are definitely near the top of the list for nicest fans, but I can tell you the Packer fans took it to a whole new level.The picture above really is your weatherman wearing a hog nose. Yes, that really is me. The hog nose symbolizes the Redskins offensive line that had the famous nickname of the "hogs" in the 1980s when they were winning Super Bowls. Brian Key, my cousin, had the famous cheesehead hat at the game. We had two evenly matched teams really knock each other around for 4 quarters of football.

I told the Green Bay fans that I was born in Washington, D.C. so that is why I was wearing the burgundy and gold. I also told them I was there for the Lambeau experience. I was astonished when they wanted to make sure I was in fact was having a good time and getting to see everything around their hallowed halls. If this was not enough, they also wished me a safe trip home since they knew I came a long way. It was quite refreshing and it made my special day even better! I have only seen the Redskins play a handful of times since I was little because like the Packers there is a waiting list for Redskin season tickets that stretches from here to Timbuktu. The Redskins have officially sold out every game since the mid to late1960s just like the Packers. Redskin-Packer tickets may be the toughest tickets to come by. I will never forget the game my Dad took me to on October 2, 1978 when the Redskins beat Dallas 9 to 5 on Monday Night Football. Joe Theismann spiked the ball at the end of the game after running the clock out by running out of the endzone with a safety. That was at old RFK Stadium. October 14, 2007 will also always be etched in my memory for not only what a great game it was, but how it was a small miracle I got tickets! Future Hall of Famer Brett Favre was much different watching in person. He faked me out several times with the ball and even resembled Larry Bird a bit with all of his body movements and head fakes. I have never seen basketball moves that work during a football game. Here is a picture of him below before working his magic.

Yes, the Packers won 17-14, but I did not feel like I normally do after a loss. Hall of Fame Coach Joe Gibbs knew we let one slip away, but was encouraged that this team is no longer a laughingstock of the NFL. Packer fans were telling me they expect to play us again in the playoffs. I hope that comes true. One more interesting thing is Lambeau Field is situated in a neighborhood and in that family atmosphere, folks let strangers park in their yards. So basically I was not really upset after the loss. I felt like I did after I lost to a few friends in a pick-up football game. This is probably because the nicest fans in the NFL took good care of me. I haven't even told you about the great cheese curds I ate. If you ever have the chance to go to Lambeau Field absolutely do it! It is worth the price of admission and much more. I also want to thank all of my Wisconsin relatives for all of their hospitality and finding me the tickets. I am honored to have married into the "cheeseheads".

The weather was drizzly and foggy much of the game. It was wonderful football weather and I was happy to see rain again. The great news is tonight you can tune in and find out that I in fact did bring some of the rain back home with me and I have our most active weather pattern since April on the way!

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