Thursday, October 11, 2007

Another All-Time Record Falls Like Our Temperatures, A Hot Chocolate Advisory is in Effect!

Our first hot chocolate advisory of the season was issued last night and for good reason. Unlike this picture, make sure you use the big marshmallows and do not burn your tongue like I did yesterday. Ouch! Also, do not forget your coat like Gina. She will not make that mistake again. I am glad she did not hurt herself when she sprinted across the parking lot. Folks are in shock even though we forecasted the big change. Mike Cleff our sportscaster tried to go out and jog this morning in shorts and lasted about a minute. The good news is that he did eventually find his sweatpants and finished his workout. I know to take nature seriously in Indiana so I ran 5 miles on the treadmill and did another 4 miles on the bike, INSIDE. This finally warmed me up, but it seemed like it took twice as long as normal. I also apologize to those running near me. I was grunting a little louder than normal while working out due to all the great weather changes I have been tracking. No doubt about it, autumn has arrived. Just remember the bigger the temperatures, the farther they fall. Although, the 7 other October days of 90 or above we have had on record had much more gradual cooldowns when cold fronts moved through. But in our case there was nothing gradual and it was more like a free fall as you see below....and you thought we were done with setting records, lol.

I could not really find anything close to a two day temperature drop of 33 degrees in October. In 2001 we fell 27 degrees in 2 days and that was the most impressive fall I could find in our record books that go back 111 years. My eyes are still recovering but it was worth the research. I now have bragging rights when I speak to all my other meteorolgical friends across the country now. We have set an incredible 2 all-time October records in just the last 4 days. I know, you probably are not as excited as I am, but here are the facts. We had our hottest October day ever with 91 degrees on Sunday and today the other boot fell in a big way! Make that both boots. It felt like it was going to SNOW!

Yes! I am a little strange celebrating these records, but it is just something I was born with I guess, so forgive me if you are offended. The plants and trees around Lafayette are not celebrating that is for sure. In Attica, we had more reports of blooming lilacs. Many folks have never seen lilacs bloom this late in the season. Well now you have, here is your proof.

Special Thanks to: Pat Smith

We also did a story on getting your flu shot tonight and Jeff Smith and Sue Scott know that I do not like needles of any kind even if they can help you from being miserable. I was making faces thinking of the needle. So that may be why they had some interesting expressions on their faces. We really are like one big family here. Remember if something looks a little out of sort on the newscast, you can usually trace it back to the weather guy. I am blamed for everything....headaches, toothaches, warm weather, cold weather, missing name it. It comes with the territory. When you point to a blank wall every night you have to have a sense of humor and when you forecast Indiana weather day in and day out it toughens you up. I really could not ask for better people to work with. That is just another reason I love living here!

So since I am blamed for sniffles and sneezes the least I can do is give you some tips on how to stay healthy even though our temperatures feel like Florida one day and Alaska the next. Welcome to sniffle and sneezing weather. The main things are to wash your hands more frequently and drink plenty of fluids. Those two things along with eating well, exercising, and getting rest go a long way to staying healthy. Your body needs more water when we go into our colder weather periods and it is easier to become dehydrated. Also, since we are hunkering down to stay warm and spending more time inside you really need to make sure to wash your hands more often. I am a little funny about germs as it is but when our weather goes absolutely crazy like it has over the past 4 days you need to take precautions. When I am not updating the blog, doing the weather, or working out....I will be washing my hands. :)

Okay your session with Howard Hughes or Dr. Mike is over. Now are you ready for your winter outlook. The Climate Prediction Center came out with their updated winter forecast and if you do not like this big chill out there you have plenty of good news coming your way. But if you like snowstorms, I have some good news for you to. Make sure to check back and we will compare and contrast at least 5 different winter forecasts this afternoon. My biggest fear this, ice, baby.... I will give you a little something to tide you is one of five winter forecasts just in...


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Anonymous said...

Hey MIke!
Love your blog writing, but do not like that forecast of ICE STORMS. That is so scary if you have ever lived through one like the storm of 1991. Would rather have the blizzard!
Mary Anne