Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Our 2nd Severe Weather Season May Fire Up Thursday

We are officially in our 2nd severe weather season which is triggered by a much stronger jet stream that not only spins up strong storm systems but forces seasons to collide. It also adds extra spin to the atmosphere. The dynamics over us Thursday and Thursday night look like something we would see in March. The picture above tells the story. Be ready and alert and have a plan B. We have been very fortunate with severe weather so far this year, but keep in mind when looking at the record books, quiet severe weather seasons in Spring usually leads to nasty weather in the autumn. One year ago today we actually had our first trace or cat tracks of snow. This tells you how wild our weather can be. This year the pendulum is swinging the opposite way with just as dramatic of an impact.

At this time I cannot rule out isolated tornadoes along with damaging wind and large hail by late Thursday and Thursday night. Whenever you have summer temperatures mixing with a spring jet stream, and a powerful autumn storm it only means trouble. You know things are out of balance when you have dog day weather in the second part of October. Usually our dog days officially run from July 3rd through August 11th. This means get ready for a lot of bark and bite in your forecast.

You see our director Darcy's dog Riley above. I call him Baby Toto since his great-great-great brother was in the Wizard of Oz. He is full of energy and likes to play tug of war, just like our weather does with us this time of year. He has visited our station a couple times already and he is quickly becoming our weather mascot. We will have to have Riley updates here on the blog to help you plan your day ahead. Darcy is working on getting him an outfit for all the different weather we have in Indiana. I told her that would be quite a project. We may have to dress him three different times in one day. We do have 3 seasons in the next 4 days so maybe some visuals from Riley our weather mascot will help prevent any confusion. I can't wait to see how he handles snow drifts! For now though, Riley is learning where his safe spot is so his little fur stays safe and sound for whatever nature throws at us on Thursday. It could get ruf! ruf! Okay, you can tell I have been playing too much with Lauren again, but I think overall that is a good thing as long as I don't bark on the air tonight. Have a doggone great day! I will see you tonight.

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