Friday, October 19, 2007

Pictures from the Supercell Outbreak of 2007!

Deb Anker (Blinding Rain & Cloud Tops on US 231 near Wolcott)

Nancy Lee (Magnificent Clouds in Montmorenci)

Courtesy of Bill Snyder (Nature's Majesty)

Doyle McIntosh (Rotating Wall Cloud in Fountain County)

Dena Flanagan (Wizard of Oz on Wyandotte Road)

Ashley Stevens (Monon hit with Golfball hail)

Erica English (Rainbow in Wolcott)

Swarmed with Supercells

It was something you would see in Kansas or Nebraska, but last night it took place in Lafayette, Indiana. We had several supercell thunderstorms track through the area. The big thing though is everybody is safe and sound and I thank you for tuning in and getting to your safe spot last night. Many folks huddled in their bathrooms, closets, and basements as vicious storms moved through. I am only the messenger, but it is up to you to take action last night and you did! Here are pictures from last night. I will have more details on these, but for now just sit back and take it all in. What a day and night it was!

Have a great day and the weekend still looks terrific!!

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Anonymous said...

I am SOO glad somebody got pics of those supercells last night! I was on the road and could view the magnificent clouds but had no camera! And, thank God we were spared major damage.
Mary Anne