Thursday, October 18, 2007

Batten Down the Hatches, A Stormy Day is on the Way

You know you may be in for rough weather when your localcast shows a squall line stretching several hundred miles by late afternoon and early evening. The big question is will the line actually form and initiate. If it does, there is no question we will have severe weather with plenty of wind damage. Hopefully we can keep the tornadoes away, but keep in mind a lot of times straight-line wind damage or downbursts can do just as much damage as tornadoes. We could see wind gusts near 70 to 75 mph if this line comes together like some of the maps say. I will make sure to keep you informed throughout the day on the tube and here on the blog. Just think our weekend looks terrific. So be careful and take it easy today so we can all enjoy it!

The worst thing you can do in Indiana is let your guard down. Last night our sports anchor Mike Cleff was amazed that on average we have as many tornadoes in October here in Indiana as we do in July. Take a look at the graph above. This is based on data from 1950 to the present. We avearge about 24 tornadoes per year in Indiana with 2 of them occurring in October. Most people are also amazed when I tell them that we have had tornadoes in every single month of the year. For instance on December 8, 1966, Montgomery County had a tornado when folks were out holiday shopping. Wind speeds were estimated at 100 mph. There was also a tornado reported in Montgomery County in January of 1996. What a way to bring in the new year. We will see just how we bring in this new stormier weather pattern. Yes, I will do my best to keep the tornadoes away. At least we have Live Doppler 18 to turn to for the latest. Stay tuned and logged on.

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