Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Party is Over! Nature Blitzes us with Arctic Blast #3 & A Brief Snow Flurry Still Possible Tonight

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We at least had the nicest night of the week last night and with all the holiday parties going on folks were very appreciative. You see Scott and Stefanie Glebus were in the holiday spirit as temperatures stayed nice and mild and the rain held off. But it does look like the party is over and Rudolph will need to use his nose if he is taking a practice run for Christmas over much of the country. Nature is doing an all-out arctic blitz today and there are 8 states now in Plains and Midwest with Blizzard Warnings. Minneapolis has check in with 17 inches of snow which will go down as a top 10 snowstorm for them. It is such a big storm the NFL has postponed the Vikings-Giants game since the Giants plane was grounded.The Metrodome roof has apparently collapsed and this is breaking news as of 9 a.m. Luckily at this time their are no confirmations of injuries. Thank goodness there was no game today. Can you imagine if it happened with thousands of people there. Unbelieveable!  In Wisconsin every single county has some type of snow advisory and travel is not recommended which is unheard of for those hearty cheese heads. I look forward to seeing some blizzard pictures from my relatives and will post them here on the blog. This raging blizzard will send the strongest front of the season our way. So what are the main concerns with the big Jaguar-Raider game. Let's take a look.

The good news is the Raiders column is our least concern. Yes! Nature may be getting its winter mojo back but the Jags have their MOJO or Maurice Jones-Drew that will carve right through the Raider defense and wind. All week long our weather team thought most of the rain would be Sunday morning and I still think this holds true. Outside of a lingering light shower close to kickoff I do think it should be primarily dry for the game. So take the ponchos for the "tealgating". You may also want to tie down your grills. Even though no thunderstorms are expected wind gusts could be up near 40 to 50 mph with brief heavy downpours. This front means business. The big concerns during the game will be the wind and wind chills. We will still see gusty winds of 20-30 mph with wind chills falling into the 40s. Here is your temperature forecast.

The warmest part of the game will be to start but notice we will fall into the lower to middle 50s due to a strong cold west wind. Since Jags fans have experienced all kinds of wild weather this year I am sure they will be ready to put on a few extra layers and stay warm by doing the wave before and after David Gerrard led touchdown drives. Remember that game when it felt like about 120! Well nature is going to make up for it today and we will have a wind blowing toward the Matthews Bridge. There is always the Bud Zone you can head to if you need a break from the wind. I love their hot dogs!!

Last but not least a lot of kids have been asking for snow and you know I am a snow freak. So here is the very latest as of Sunday morning. We do have one model showing a 10% chance of a brief snow flurry late tonight after midnight. But most models keep our chances at 5% or less. The air behind our arctic front is bone dry with humidity levels dropping to about 20% at 10,000 feet.  But check out the map above. There will be a weak disturbance moving through late tonight and it is not out of the realm of possibility some folks see a brief snowflake or two. The best chances although slight would be in Georgia. We are not talking about any trouble on the roadways but it is a sign of just how cold this pattern will be for the next few days. Our big weather story will be wind chill advisories by morning as we wake up to middle 20s to lower 30s and it will feel like 8 to 14 over most of our inland locations! We will have pipe-bursting weather with actual lows in the upper teens by Tuesday and another hard freeze on Wednesday. If there is good news it is we will warm up to near 70 by next Friday. So keep those warm thoughts and hold onto your hats today. Have fun at the game and tonight I will have an update on the huge slew of weather warnings for our area due to cold weather. We will also take a look at why we may not get this cold the rest of the winter! I am going to go find some hot chocolate.

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