Thursday, December 9, 2010

A golf forecast that will even make the ugly swings look nice!

Thursday, December 9, 2010 (12:30 p.m.)

It was a fun show this morning. I made a challenge to myself that I was NOT allowed to use the word COLD and at times it was tough especially when I showed "challenging" and "character building" weather next week. But that is next week. Today we celebrated real southern hospitality weather returning to our area. We are already up into the middle 50s at noon and I reported a temperature in the sun at 67 degrees while doing laps around the building before my show. Yes, the first thing you need to do before any weather show is look out the window and better yet get out in the weather. You realize we are only 81 days to the start of meteorological spring and the good news is unlike last year our Florida/Georgia spring will begin in really about 60 days. That is when the azaleas will be blooming and the pollen flying. There will be 70 degree weather not just by this weekend but some 70 degree days this year in January and February. I would not even rule out an 80 degree day in January and February in this pattern. La Nina is known for big temperature swings. You can keep the shorts and sunscreen out.

I loved giving a golf forecast and made fun of my horrible swing. There is nothing like calling yourself out on the business humbled me a long time ago so no big deal. You see the graph above showing fair to good conditions to not just hit par but birdie a few holes. Now I do average about one or two birdies per 18 holes. It is just the other 16 holes that do me in. But seriously if you are heading out this afternoon and wondering if you can play some golf by all means do so! You can even get an early tee time the next couple of days. Lows tonight in much of the area east of Highway 301 could actually stay above freezing. Lows will be from 35 in Jacksonville to the middle and upper 40s at the beaches. By Saturday morning lows may hold closer to 40! The roses can finally thaw out!

That onshore flow off the Atlantic Ocean is doing wonders. Yes, we have finally gotten rid of the polar express or the wind coming straight down from the North Pole. Check out the nice rebound in high temperatures. We normally have highs of 67 this time of year so to actually get above normal would be quite an accomplishment after some of us had lows in the teens earlier this week. A second factor helping us along is the polar jet stream has also lifted. You combine that with a Midwest Monster of a storm this weekend and we have a nice couple of outdoor days. The best weather of the week still looks to be Saturday with highs up near 70.

Now for those reading along in the Midwest here is the latest snowfall totals you can expect. I understand a lot of forecasters are trying to downplay this storm through North-Central Indiana. Well this storm is so big it will have a huge impact on not only Wisconsin and Michigan but most of Indiana. I am still sending you to the grocery store to stock up! The storm track may have shifted farther north but it still looks like at least 5 inches will snow in northern parts of the Lafayette viewing area with some slick roads all the way down to Indianapolis. My Wisconsin relatives will see the brunt of the storm with over a foot of snow not out of the question. Yes, it should be a major winter storm. Here is the latest map and I really should have put Tippecanoe County in a 2 to 4 inch band so just keep that in mind and please be safe as things go downhill quickly by late Saturday.

Here at home we will be watching this storm because it will not only help to warm us up in time for all those holiday parties but bring us our next chance of rain and we really need it! We will take a closer look at that here on the blog tomorrow and we will talk about some "challenging" weather next week. But for now it is time to go take the dog on a nice long walk in the Florida sunshine! Really I should also hit the driving range!Have a great day.

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