Friday, December 3, 2010

Frosty to Fantastic Friday Ahead of More Rare Air

Friday (December 3, 2010) 12:30 p.m.

These 60s feel terrific especially after the last two mornings and in the sunshine I registered a temperature of 70 at noon. So stay out of the shade and soak up some sunshine this afternoon and that forecast high of 62 will feel more like 70-75! We deserve a break from the cold weather. You can see we have already had half our normal December freezes and it is only December 3rd. Taking it a step further we will certainly have to enjoy the 60s this weekend while we can because next week we have 5 freezes in the forecast with even a hard freeze possible. Yes, more rare cold air on the way! This morning lows dipped into the upper 20s at Jacksonville as expected but the big story was how thick some of that frost was. It did look like a winter wonderland out there. Check out this picture.

Yes, it may have been cold but it was a beautiful sight. You can thank the lighter wind overnight and dew points that rose just enough to help give us perfect conditions for frost formation. Tonight do not expect a repeat. Polar air is retreating and the wind will actually kick up a bit toward morning. If there is any frost it will likely be confined to areas west of highway 301 and it should be isolated. The only areas that could see a potential brief freeze will be right along Interstate 75 from Lake City to Gainesville where there will be higher pressures and lighter wind. Otherwise it will be a fine evening with temperatures in the middle to upper 40s at 8 p.m. to the middle 50s at the beaches. Check out the bright object in the sky this evening in the southern sky. That object is the planet Jupiter and you should be able to pick out the Great Red Spot with a telescope this evening.

Now your weather pick of the week for the First Coast is Saturday with highs back in the middle to upper 60s with an isolated 70 not out of the question. Get outside with the kids and hang holiday decorations while you can. Hanukkah is taking place as well and it is looking good for all those special family get-togethers. We have great walking and dog walking weather. At noon we had Natasha the lab mix as our pet of the week. She is 8 weeks old and looking for a warm home and someone to take her on long walks. Fully grown it is hard to believe that little pup above will be 60 to 80 pounds. She did have big paws to go along with her big heart and friendly disposition. You can go the Jacksonville Humane Society and check out Natasha and other great pets. You can also call them at 725-8766. They may have that perfect pet to fulfill that holiday wish list.

A wonderful weekend is on the way but there are warning signs out there. The Midwest is going to see a January-like Alberta Clipper coat the area with snow. There is nothing like your first real snow in December. Well congratulations Lafayette, Indiana!  You will have a true winter wonderland by time you wake up on Saturday. Yes, grease up the sleds! My latest forecast is for 3-5" of snow for Tippecanoe County. This was the snowstorm I was talking about on the blog for you last week. There should not be much wind to cause any drifting and it will be perfect snowman-making weather. In fact it should snow for much of your Saturday. If you are traveling south toward Indianapolis they will be closer to 3" while areas near Monticello will be closer to 5". I have already texted  my Wisconsin relatives as well and they can expect 3-5" in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin before all is said and done. I cannot wait for the pictures! Why is this important for us here in Florida? Well this clipper is preceding polar blast number 2! While we will not have snow this clipper will send in a front for the second part of our weekend to cool us down. The real cold air with this front moves in Sunday night. The next freeze will be on Monday morning and then possible hard freezes and record-breaking cold by the middle of the week. It will be an interesting weekend as always. Stay tuned and check back here on your weather blog when  you get a chance. Thanks! Take care and have a great weekend.

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