Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sunshine to Spritzles But Nothing to Spoil Your Holiday Preparations!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

What a great morning it was out in Fruit Cove! I was able to cheer on the kids and cheerleaders in the flag football games in the sparkling sunshine. Temperatures were near 70 or about 30 degrees warmer than this time than last week when when many parents were not happy with me as Jack Frost paid a visit. This weekend we have no frost in the forecast but beware of the spritzles! What are spritzles? Well let's take a look!

This was my windshield at 2 p.m. showing a reflection of the clouds that moved in and the very small drops of rain or should I say mist. While a spritzle is not an official meteorological term it is a name given to very light rain by meteorologists that barely wets the sidewalk. The best part of spritzles in the forecast is that you can still hang the holiday lights and keep your outdoor plans. No lightning or any heavy rain is in the forecast.

How did it go gray so quickly? Well remember that wind direction and speed plays a huge role in forecasting Florida weather and today we had the wind colliding right over us in nature's attic. It was like two football players colliding and that collision helped form clouds and a few light showers. We have a dry east flow at the surface but a tropical southwest wind at 18,000 feet. This stream of wind is carrying extra spin and moisture that is lifting the air just enough for a little bit of rain. These mini-swirls of low pressure in the atmosphere will continue in the weekend forecast at times. I think we get a break tonight in time for the Holiday Kickoff at St. Johns Town Center, but another Sunday swirl at 18,000 feet could develop and bring a few showers once again due to colliding winds. But overall it will be the drier, nice warm weather that will win out this weekend with highs back in the middle to upper 70s so do not cancel your plans.

The holidays came early this year at First Coast News. Check out the feast we had this morning! You see our Good Morning Jacksonville crew! Here are the great people I work with and I want to thank our producer Patty in the foreground who gets in by midnight to make sure we bring you the best newscast as humanly possible. I am lucky to work with great people and I want to thank the chefs Alberto and Brett in this picture who cooked us up a meal that would make Mom or Grandma proud! The Italian stuffing and turkey was unlike anything I had ever tasted and I say that in a great way. The food was incredible and they treated us like royalty. If you are looking to eat out on Thanksgiving I highly recommend going to the World Golf Village at the Renaissance Hotel Resort. Hurry up and make reservations. They are going quickly and I can understand why.

This brings us to our next question and that is what will nature be feasting on come Thanksgiving. The last two weekends I was thinking in terms of a potpourri of food and weather for our weekend of thanks and I will stand by my forecast as we get closer. We have a screaming jet stream howling across the country with heavy snow breaking out in the West and Plains. This stormy jet stream will eventually dip our way by the middle and end of next week or in time for the holiday.

Once again the rollercoaster ride begins with record highs possible once again for our holiday week which includes a cool down that will likely put you in the holiday spirit. It should feel like Thanksgiving as highs will likely only be in the 60s. But it will not last and another weekend warm-up is likely which is good new for all our relatives and snowbirds that are making their way to Florida. The pressure is on and I love it! Travel-wise delays are looking more likely by next Tuesday and Wednesday and again for travels home on Sunday. I am sniffing out a MIDWEST SNOWSTORM by late Thanksgiving Weekend. Tonight make sure to join me at 7 and 11 and we will iron out all the details and have your complete Thanksgiving forecast. See you soon. Time for a quick run in the spritzles!

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