Saturday, November 12, 2011

If You Don't Like the Weather Just Wait a Few Minutes!

Saturday November 12, 2011

What a morning it was! Many areas away from the water had a heavy frost that looked like a light skiff of snow. No snow but it was cold enough for snow as Jacksonville International dropped to 31 degrees which smashed the old record of 33 set back in 1987. Our average low is 52 for this time of year! We were colder than Burlington, Vermont and felt more like New England this morning! You see Jeff sent in a great picture of his Macclenny thermometer and the frosty moon (name given to the November moon by Native Americans). It certainly lived up to its name.

You see that the frost was so thick on windshields that you could write FROSTY! But for those that think it was too early this frost was actually about normal for this time of year. I guess you could make a case it was about a week early, but for interior Georgia and Florida it was actually about a week late! If you still think it got too cold too soon I have the perfect forecast for you! I will use the ol' New England saying that if you don't like the weather just wait a few minutes! We will jump 40 degrees today and I think many areas could actually reach 70! Stock up on the vitamin C. That has to take a toll on the human body! The same dry air mass will mix with sunshine and up those temperatures will go faster than the hot air balloon you see ready to take off in World Golf Village this morning where they had a low of 40 with no frost.

So it will be a great day and pleasantly warm after all! We have two seasons in one day and it will feel like autumn again even by noon when temperatures should recover into the middle 60s.

I wanted to thank everybody for the great pictures and numbers sent in to our e-mail at and on our Facebook Page. I love e-mails and sharing weather pictures. Please keep them coming! Notice many of our weather watchers were even colder than the airport including 28 at Baldwind, Middleburg, and Oakleaf. The beaches were warmer as expected with lows mainly in the lower to middle 40s near the water that is still in the middle 60s.

The coldest spot I could find was the Osceola National Forest and John Bethea State Forest where a couple thermometer reports came in at a nose-numbing 23 degrees! Wow!! The good news is I have cancelled the hot chocolate advisory for the rest of today and you may need the short sleeves and lemonade to stay cool out in the 70 degree sunshine this afternoon! Make sure to remember the sunscreen. We are in a fast-moving pattern and I still think we could be well into the 70s Sunday with no more frost to worry about. The 80s return Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week with record highs possible and thunderstorms by later on Wednesday. So that is right! We will have a taste of all four seasons over the  next 7 days! Get out the shorts and bathing suits and then stay tuned for a few frisky storms on your only Live Doppler Radar. Our wild ride has just begun especially when I am tracking not one but two jet streams! We will talk more about this here on the blog and on the tube tonight at 6, 7, and 11 p.m. I will also let you know why I am not expecting another frost until after Thanksgiving! Have a great weekend! Stay warm and cool!

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