Sunday, November 20, 2011

Foggy to Balmy Pattern Holds Next Couple Days

Sunday, November 13, 2011

We had the fog as forecasted this morning. Pamela captured those ground clouds nicely for us. We did have a few spots on the west side with visibilities reduced to less than a quarter mile. My big concern is the fog will only get worse. In fact, I would call it dangerous fog for the morning commutes on both Monday and Tuesday mornings as our ridge of high pressure holds. We have also have high dewpoints and mainly clear skies which will enhance the fog. This is the price we will have to pay by running a good 10 degrees above the norm for this time of year.

The fog should dissipate or "burn off" by 9 a.m. during the morning and once the sun comes out we will quickly go from foggy to balmy. The only sign of the holidays I could find for the next couple days was not on the weather maps but in my Dad's garden in Mandarin. Check out the poinsettias that are now turning white and red! Very nice! Now I am in the holiday spirit but my air conditioner will be cranking because I think highs will easily reach the lower to middle 80s through Tuesday. The records we will challenge will be on Monday. The record is 84 set back in 1991. The record we will challenge on Tuesday is also 84 set back in 1973. Our rain chances remain low but this time of year the weather does not hold for more than a couple days. Wednesday the first of two stormy fronts will move our way!

Check back here on the blog this week for your travel weather and how this Thanksgiving Week will stack up versus the rest! Have a great day!

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