Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holiday Front Brings Needed Rain and No Severe Weather!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Good Morning! I am writing to you from Grandma's near Orlando but wanted to check in and say hello. I keep tabs on our weather all the time no matter where I am. You know how our Florida weather not only changes frequently but we have 8 different micro-climates from Lake City to southeast Georgia to Jacksonville, St. Augustine and the beaches. The weather is always busy even on quiet days. It is a good thing I love what I do because the weather never stops and either do I!

Today you have reminded me of just how lucky I am to do what I love and most of all how thankful I am to have viewers like you! I am very thankful for all your weather reports and even got a nice text weather pic from Dan in Ponte Vedra first thing this morning that certainly made my day! Thanks to Dan we know today's weather mantra is, "red sky in the morning, sailor's take warning"! The colorful morning sky is a sign of an approaching cold front and you may even see a few rainbows this morning if you turn your back to the sun. We really do need the rain and have a lot to be thankful for!

I was able to check on our local weather from 120 miles away by going to First Coast News on Facebook and it confirmed that heavy rain will be our big weather story this morning. If you have not joined First Coast News yet on Facebook you are missing out! We are now up to 30,000 plus "likes" and growing quickly. It really is the future! All you have to do is hit " like" to participate. Not to sound like a commercial, but we not only have the most up to date weather ( I update it several times even on the weekend) but news, sports, and even holiday give-aways and coupons.

Keep those reports coming! I challenge all weather enthusiasts to send in temperatures, rainfall, sky conditions and weather pictures. It will certainly improve the way we do weather as evidenced this morning. You can also become a weather watcher by e-mailing your weather thoughts and reports to our weather team at and do not forget to send some rainy pics as well. We love all your feedback!

Weather is interactive and it really is your show, it is your weather! You should be the center of our forecasts! I look forward to showing your weather thoughts, observations and  pics on the blog or on-air.  Here are some of our weather watcher reports so far this morning. Thanks so much!

Wanda Rhoden: westside normandy comeing down pretty hard here
Giulia Occhino Cermak: It just rained hard for about 3 minutes here in green cove springs on Henley road area.

Vicki Eastwood It just started in Arlington....hope its over by 830...
Jenna Ostrander Hasnt rained here nere Mayport, but the clouds look mean! Coming soon

Jonathan Suro Argyle Forrest Blvd, and Old Middleburg Rd here at OakLeaf...rain is coming down pretty hard and sign of lightning and thunder at this moment.

 Patti Barfield Westside Sandler Rd @ Bentcreek Golf Course. Pouring Down rain here, gittin a good car wash!

Danielle Sawyer Not a hard rain here in Green Cove Springs but pretty steady.

Chuck Lysaght Steady rain in San Marco. Ilona Hagen Bands of hard rain in the Bellair area of Orange Park

Cathy Lawson-Shiver Pouring out here on chaffee rd27 

Danielle Sawyer I retract my first statement, now its pouring in G.C.S.

Lori Kosier not raining in Hastings. Barg Two (2) inches so far around Craig Airfield! Patricia Jane Haynes

Raining in St Marys but not real hard.It's finally stopping over on Westside/Normandy. It was pouring earlier.

The good news is by time I drive  my grandma back home to Jacksonville the rain will be long gone. All our shower activity will be this morning than we can expect clearing and cooler weather in time for our big holiday weekend. It is also my father-in-laws birthday today and he has made it to town safely from Wisconsin. We should have good cake-easting weather outside this afternoon. The timing could not be better! I am dissecting the latest models and will check back with you! God bless! Now off to breakfast with Grandma before we drive home.Thank you.

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