Sunday, November 27, 2011

Going from Late Summer to January All in a Day!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

What a great night it was! My daughter Abbey sent this great picture in of the fireworks display at the Jacksonville Light Show. This sums up our holiday weekend! It was a hit! Yes, the Jaguars lost but we won where it counted most and that is with great weather and time with family and friends. But it does look like our fun in the sun is about over. Today we did hit 80 degrees and we may sneak in one more tomorrow but by Tuesday temperatures will be lucky to make it into the upper 50s.

You see Everett in Waycross took my advice by taking advantage of this weather while he could by going all out! Wow that is an attached ladder on an ATV. I have never seen that before. Waycross hit 81 degrees which was not far from a record high. Some folks say they need cooler weather to really get into the holiday spirit. Don't worry, but be careful what you wish for. We have a strong front coming our way and the transition will be bumpy on  Monday. Here is my latest severe weather map for Monday afternoon.

Already today we have had reports of 50 mph gusts in the panhandle of Florida and this could impact our eastern counties including Duval County. I cannot rule out some hail due to some very cold air aloft that already has the snow/rain mix over North Georgia down to 4,000 feet!

Here is the latest timing so make sure to keep your eye to the sky Monday afternoon. The main threat will be damaging wind gusts near 60 mph and large hail. Of course lightning safety rules should always be followed. So batten down the hatches and stay tuned. We will keep you ahead of the storms. We could use the rain as we are running about an inch below normal in most areas. So hopefully we can get some welcome rain and keep the wind damage to a minimum. Have a great and safe week. I will check back with you this week on your December and even Christmas Outlook! Take care!

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