Friday, June 17, 2011

Less smoky and stormy, but keep Dad cool for Father's Day

What an incredible picture sent in from Charlie near Hastings. This is a dust-devil he captured for us and this is something you would see in Arizona not in Florida! This shows you how bad our drought actually  is. Now the good news is this did not do any damage and we are not expecting tornadoes to finish out the week. We will see a few strong storms this evening. The main threats will be 40 mph wind gusts, lightning and heavy downpours. Let it rain! Some areas could pick up a quick one to two inches.

We need to squeeze all the rain we can because high pressure move in this weekend which will dry us out. I do not expect as much smoke with more mixing and a southwest breeze. But what this does mean is it will stay scorching hot with highs even at the beaches well into the 90s. Remember to keep Dad cool for Father's Day on Sunday. I am not expecting any cooling storms with highs near 100! Here is a great reminder above to also take care of  man's best friend. Tropical Smoothie is taking care of man's best friend with free water for your pets and smoothies to keep you cool! Stay cool and Happy Father's Day to all the Dads!

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