Friday, June 3, 2011

Cranking up your new video weather blog and head to the beach for relief!

Friday, June 3, 2011

It is good to check back in with you here on the weather blog. I have been busy revamping this blog to make it more exciting for you. Now we can do more than just post pictures and stories on here. I am also able to post weather video that can show more of our weather graphics so you can stay ahead of whatever nature dishes out. The great part is your video blog can be updated as much as needed when the weather becomes active. This is just a start and over the next few weeks I will be adding more software so we can take this blog to the next level even more. Here is your first sample and we can build on this from here.

Video weather blog for Friday.....

Weather story: It will be a hot smoky weekend across the area with several active wildfires. Unfortunately we have very low chances of any rain as high pressure continues to dominate our weather. This high pressure will weaken enough by late Monday into Tuesday where we will see a better chance of at least scattered thunderstorms. But until then expect the hot weather to take hold with lower to middle 90s in Jacksonville this weekend. Areas toward Lake City, Gainesville, and interior southeast Georgia will push into the upper 90s.
If you are looking for some relief head to the beaches as a seabreeze will push in during the afternoon hours keeping highs in the more bearable upper 80s. Just be careful of rip currents which will be in the moderate range.

In the tropics we will continue to watch the Caribbean. Any development will be slow at best with flooding rain and mudslides for the Dominican Republican and Jamaica looking like the main threats. I will have more updates coming your way this weekend.

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