Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Drought to Deluge Pattern Continues for 2 More Days

Wednesday  June 29, 2011
Blog update for Wednesday evening:

In this pattern we have been able to set our watches to the storms each day since late last week. They fire up by late afternoon and then die out in the evening. But tonight a front moves south from Georgia which will help generate a few more scattered showers and thunderstorms even during the overnight. Storms will linger well into the evening. Lows will be in the lower 70s. The main threats will continue to be lightning and ponding of water on the roadways. This is a picture of Lane Avenue this afternoon and is a good example of why you will need to slow down and be careful of hyrdoplaning. I just got a rain report of 2 inches at Normandy Boulevard in only 30 minutes! These storms are just not moving much!

Tropical Storm Arlene has 60 mph winds as of 6:30 p.m. and will hit Mexico tomorrow afternoon as a weak hurricane. Hurricane Warnings have been issued along the Mexican coast. It will be known as a flood-maker. Its moisture could eventually bring some much needed rain to New Mexico and the US Southwest.

Blog update for early Wednesday afternoon:

Numerous showers and thunderstorms will once again form along the Interstate 95 corridor and slowly drift south and east. The beaches once again will see some needed rain and they need it. While Jacksonville has officially had its first above average month for rainfall since February, areas like St. Augustine have only had half their monthly averages.

The good news is the beaches will at least be able to play catch-up tonight. The wind speeds all the way to 36,000 feet are less than 5 mph so any thunderstorms that do form will be very slow-moving and have the potential of producing 2 to 3 inch rainfall totals. Driving will be hazardous with hydroplaning a big concern.

Be on the outlook for dangerous lightning and we still cannot rule out a 45 to 60 mph wind gust as a frontal boundary interacts with our heat and humidity adding additional lift to the atmosphere.

We need to squeeze out as much rain as we can because we will start drying out as soon as Friday and especially over the 4th of July holiday as high pressure builds in bringing a drier air mass. It will also turn hot with some areas not far from 100 on the 4th! Yes, it will be as hot as a firecracker!

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