Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thunder Snow Rattles Baton Rouge & Winter Gets Set to Blast Lafayette

It will be a day some will never forget in the Deep South. Now some news outlets are calling this a surprise but here on the weather blog last week we talked about sticking snow possible in the deep South including Lousiana and Mississippi and sure enough we had nice verification today. Some areas have picked up a record-setting 5.5 inches of snow in the Baton Rouge area and New Orleans officially had one inch of snow. Thunder and lightning accompanied the snow with visibilities reduced to about 1/8th of a mile. Take a look at these amazing observations. The winter postcard above is a scene you would normally find here in Indiana this time of year. But amazingly here was the scene in Lafayette, Indiana today.

We could whiten things up here at home with another winter blast on the way. Find out how much snow is on the way and we will talk about how much snow you can expect between now and Christmas tonight on our newscasts and here on the weather blog. What a pattern!


Anonymous said...

Yes they did see a good amount of snow for them today! I know my Friend Joy from Baton Rouge is A VERY HAPPY CAMPER!! :-)

Justin in Lafayette

Anonymous said...

Was a great day! I went to the grocery store on my lunch 1/2 hour and was able to keep all in my car instead of running home to put it in the fridge. Plus I have and insulated bag. My food kept cold and did not freeze:)

The moon looks pretty, well what I can see of it, very cloudy.

Teri in Laf.