Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Freezing Rain Changing to Mainly Rain...Travel Still Not Advised

Well this is the first break I have had since before my 5 p.m. show. Before I go on I just wanted to thank all the bloggers and remember to treat all bloggers with kindness and respect. You can pick on me but do not go after my weather bloggers....please! It is almost Christmas, come on. Even if it wasn't the holidays there is no reason to put others down to try to make yourselves feel better. E-mail me at storm@wlfi.com if you are having a rough day or cannot stand this weather. I am part psychiatrist and meteorologist this time of year. Try me.
For those that get what the blog is all about I really appreciate you sending in those road conditions and observations. I read ALL OF THEM. I can tell you I know for a fact it is saving lives tonight.

I am sorry our weather hasn't been the be
st and wouldn't we all have liked this to just be a nice light snow for a White Christmas, although we could still see a nice light coating tomorrow afternoon and early evening. If you told me on Christmas week we would go from -1 in West Lafayette to highs in the 50s I would have laughed. That is what makes forecasting so much fun! Yes, the long-range maps did call for a snowy, not an icy month. The big factor was the southeast ridge bounced back about 2 to 3 weeks earlier than expected and a big ridge moved into Alaska causing a big trough of low pressure to form out West. That is where the true polar air air has been. We have been right in the battle zone between very cold weather to our north and west and warm, tropical weather to our southeast and thus the ice! This in effect shifted our jet stream out of the south and southwest bringing warm layers of air in the atmosphere our way over our cold December ground. This is not an exact science but we do have the blog to tell you why things changed and what it means for you.

Now don't try to be a hero tonight that is for
sure. Even though our freezing rain is changing to rain travel is still not advised for tonight. I have been talking to a ton of folks trying to travel and two hour rides from Chicago to Lafayette are taking more like 4 to 5 hours with things at nearly a standstill. The temperatures above may be rising but here is one big thing to remember. Here in Lafayette we have a temperature of 34 degrees and Mark called in a temperature of 33 but that temperature is taken about 6 feet high. At ground level it is still closer to 32 so it is still very icy out there although I do think we will not see much more in the way of any ice accumulation it will still be treacherous out there if you are driving or even walking. You can see the final call on the icing at the top and I do think most of us can breathe a sigh of relief. We should dodge those widespread power outages like we saw last week.

We need good news and there is more. The heaviest of this precipitation will be over by 1 a.m. and there could be a break in the action for travel first thing tomorrow morning, but it will only be about a 4 to 6 hour window between 6 a.m. and Noon for any extensive travel.

There will be another batch of snow moving in behind a cold front by late morning and during the afternoon which could cause more slick spots as temperatures begin to fall to near 32 by late day. Tomorrow night be careful going to Mass because the roads will likely re-freeze with some standing water still left over from our Grinch storm. I will check back with you before I head out of town first thing on Christmas Eve. I wish you an early Merry Christmas and best of holiday seasons. It should be a lot of fun heading into 2009. Be safe! Be kind! Look for a February 2007 rewind!


Pam said...

Thanks for the update, Mike! Hope you & yours have a wonderful Christmas!

ok this makes me nervous, we head out around 10am xmas at noon-1pm BUT i have to get home tomorrow for xmas day with the kids/grandkids!!

We are going to Grant County...

Hoping if i go i dont get stuck i will be extremely upset!!

thanks ahead of time for any advice!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike there are a lot of slick roads up here in Jasper Co. The problem is those without power still may be out longer as others join them with all this ice that is now growing on everything. Travel is very much a bad thing right now. This is going be a long weekend. But it's Christmas time. Woo Hoo a baby was born to take away our sins.

Anonymous said...

Just got back from driving 10 blocks to payless. Main roads are still slick but better then the side roads. Couldn't even park in front of my house because it is so slick that I can't back up. Merry Christmas everybody and drive safe.

Jen in Lafayette

Anonymous said...

mike merry christmas to you and your family thanks for all you do for us.

mt lafayette

Pam said...

Lights here at my house in Monticello went off and on a few times...hope they stay on now!!

Anonymous said...

Just lost power north of hwy24. I knew it was too good to last.
William in Remington

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mike, especially for your advice to all to be kind in what they say. You are doing a fabulous job.....my only complaint is that I spend too much time checking this blog!!
I, too, wished for a White Christmas....but it is Christmas just the same.
Have a wonderful holiday and many blessings to you and your dear family.

Thanks, Mike, for all you do for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Mike, we cannot thank you enough for all that you do! I not only appricate you watching out for us wx wise, but all that you do for our community as well!

You be safe in you travels...And an early Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Hey all, Holiday Inn, a classic movie is on TV! is the movie where the song "Im Dreaming of a White Christmas" is played over and over,a great movie... makes one think....so even if we dont get have a White Chirstmas, Hope we can all enjoy the very special day! and the reason for Christmas....

Night all safe traveling..if you must....


Anonymous said...

Well said Mike!

And early Merry Christmas to you as well!

What Ice is still on poles powerlins and trees here Where I'M at is starting to become lose! I also still have a light rain!

I'M up to .56" Inch of rain! and still counting slowly!

Justin in Lafayette

Anonymous said...

Thank You Mike for all of your updates! It is much appreciated by many.

Some people can be mean and flat out rude. I personally think it is just best to ignore the rude people. What is there to gain from allowing them to ruin the fun in this blog? That is what they are out for. I pity them for not having a sense of humor.. and for having no compassion for others. How sad!

Thanks to Justin as well for his posts. He keeps us informed as well.

So, a big thank you to Justin and Mike!!

God Bless, stay safe, and I wish you ALL a very Merry Christmas!!

-in Clinton Co.

Anonymous said...

I love that movie, the song when I am worried and I cannot sleep I count my blessings... you are all part of mine...blessings is that is.....

Anonymous said...

Be careful, Mike. Thanks for all you do. I find such helpful posts on your blog. Have a wonderful, joyous Christmas!

Anonymous said...

HI all...William I feel for you and all who had power and once again do not. Also the roads are really treacherous I hope all are using their heads.

MIKE..thank YOU for all you do for us. I love the blog. Not only is it a way to get acquainted with other wx enthusists in the area but also to find out wx conditions out there. It gives YOU a chance to explain why things are happening as they just do NOT give you enough time on the air, LOL! They should have a wx show and throw in 10 minutes for news and maybe 2 minutes for sports, LOL! Right bloggers????

Well, I hear Mike calling for a flood warning so am going to check that out on TV-18. My gauge is still frozen so have no idea (other than William's report--thanks!) just know it is a lot once again.

Mike you have a wonderful and safe Christmas with your family who you love so very much.

Mary Anne in Remington

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Mary Anne about the Weathe show!!!!! :)

And Mike does a GREAT JOB!!!!! I Know I'M Very glad to have found this blog!!!!! It has great people and I have Made a Lot of Good friends!

Merry Christmas Bloggers Mike and Mary Anne!


Becky said...

I agree with everybody when they say " Thanks for the update Mike." You really do an awesome job keeping us informed. As do Justin, MA, and Terri. I also wanna wish everybody a safe Merry Christmas. I live in Montgomery county and just got home from a family get together. Roads here are still very slushy and slick. Gotta head to bed soon cause gotta be in Lebanon by 7 a.m... Everybody please be careful. Use extreme caution and even the roads just look wet, they are still very much slick. Keep up the awesome work everybody!!!!!
Becky in montgomery county

Anonymous said...

Still rain...Is it horrible that I was hoping for a miracle storm??? Like all of a sudden it would start dumping snow on us? :)

Teri---We watched White Christmas tonight too! Hubby was such a darling and sat down to wrap presents while we sang along. One way to be grateful for a lovely warm home to be in, on such a "Grinchy" night.

I am feeling quite the spirit, and am so thankful for you all.

So, Mike and Justin, did we ever get an idea on that snow for tomorrow??? Or is the Snow Maker in order??? :)

Annie in Attica

Anonymous said...

Annie I would still keep at least a few snow flurries in the forecast! I don't feel we should rule that out just yet! ;-)

We will keep hope! But I don't see it being a big system or anything like that this time!