Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Briefly Warmer Today Before Snizzle & Icy Roads Return

Our WLFI snowman is in jeopardy with most of our snow melting away today. Notice Adam Hall our videographer set up a snow television for our station snowman so he could watch his favorite channel and his one and only local television channel, News Channel 18. I am not on his good list after forecasting highs in the lower 40s today. It is too bad I could not find a train he could catch to the North Pole because by later today he may be all but gone. I will make sure to wrap him in ice cubes when I get to work later today. But he is made of December snow which we all know comes back to life when we get our next snow. Maybe I have been watching a few too many Christmas shows with my kids, but I still love them and there is no place I would rather be than with my kids by the Christmas tree watching holiday movies while eating popcorn. I absolutely love it! I may have to make up a nice bedtime story for my little Lauren about our WLFI snowman.

Tonight you may want to stay curled up under a blanket watching those timeless holiday classics because we have another coating of snow on the way or should I say snizzle or slush that will turn to ice. The snizzle is a snow and rain or drizzle combination so I gave it the name snizzle. I need to get the copyright on it! So our WLFI snowman will likely come back as the iceman and he will be the coolest dude in Lafayette. I will have to find him some shades. I will also have the latest on when you can expect all snow and when those icy roads will return make sure to check back. Notice I only have us in the half-inch range for accumulation tonight so iceman may be a little shorter, but that is okay. The big thing I am worried about is how just a little bit of measurable snow can cause huge problems on the roadways and the fact that wind chills may not be far from zero by tomorrow morning. Stay warm and safe!


Anonymous said...

Mike, Snizzle??? then the temps falling so low, that is scary!Time for deicer for the car!

Have a great day

Brow said...

Yeah, I still have to get some salt and other snow removal tools.

I'd rather have the snow than the ice and sleet though.

Boilermom said...

Would much rather have snow than the ice!

Anonymous said...

I Love your snowman Mike!! :-)
Watching TV, lol!!!!!

Yes highs in the 40s today but a COLD Blast for us tomorrow!! With highs in the 20s and lows in the los teens!! Please everybody if you have pets outside bring them in!! Their little feet get cold as well as everything!!

They need a nice place by the fireplace to keep warm as much as we do!!

Everybody dress warm and mike! I Think a HOT COCOA Advisory may be in the forecast?? :-) Have a great day Bloggers! And drive safe out there!!

Justin in Lafayette

Carrie said...

Any word on the conditions for this evening or overnight? I'm ready for some exciting winter weather!

Anonymous said...

Is a light rain now with a bit of sleet and snow flakes mixed in.

Everything was white when I went to work this am, now is mostly gone.

Be carful, still some slick spots under foot.

Teri in Laf.

Anonymous said...

I hope ole man winter can fiond his way back into white county, Love your Blogs Mike,,,,by the way iam a newspaper courier for the Jc, whats the roads looking like around 2 am-ish,,,Monticello resident

Anonymous said...

I agree would like to know as well, when is the deep freeze going to hit, I heard Thurs, night.

Anonymous said...

Is Mike gone today? Miss his updates on the blog. Hope he doesnt have the Laf. flu

Carrie said...

No he's on the news right now. I noticed that he didn't update his blog this afternoon too. Maybe he's been too busy watching the radar! He did say that we might be in for more snow tonight than originally forecasted.

Pam said...

I woke up and checked your forecast, i have to drive to the office tomorrow which is in Sheridan. I am in Monticello, looks like i may not be going in early if at all if this freezes up! Snizzle keeps me home safe n warm :)