Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sleepless in Lafayette for the 3rd Consecutive Night Was Well Worth It!

It was the third consecutive sleepless night tracking storms across our area for me, but as always it is something I thrive on. Of course more normal folks are tired of these middle of the night wake-up calls. Tonight I am glad to report we can all catch up on sleep. We had some nice downpours and vivid lightning last night. This is great news for the drought-like conditions we have had over the last few months. Who needs sleep when you have the impressive rainfall totals you see above. I also slept like a baby because I was exhausted from being dunked in the dunk tank at the White County 4-H Fair. I lost count at 20 times, but all in all it was a blast. I am not even sore this morning. Here is the proof you have been waiting for. Notice my expression when I realize I am going down yet again! The North White Ambassadors raised lots of money for their show choir so it was all well worth it!

Will nature dunk us with wild weather this weekend? Tune in to find out tonight and I will have your answer. See you soon!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what happened last night here in Frankfort, but we woke up around 12:30am to the sounds of our windows being pelted with tree limbs and debris. Our backyard looks like a scrap pile for limbs, and my tomato cage was twisted and flattened to the ground. When we looked out of the bedroom window all we could see was our neighbors trees bending and being separated by the winds.

Anonymous said...

I saw those storms on radar down by Frankfort and wondered if they were severe! I am sorry for your mess. thankfully the line had lost some steam before it hit us here in Jasper County. We can ALL sleep tonight! Thanks, Mike :-)