Friday, July 20, 2007

Better Weather Than Hawaii for Dancing in the Streets

It will be a July paradise out there this weekend. If you have been outside today you would probably agree. It is not often that I forecast better weather here at home than in Hawaii. How is this possible? The picture above tells it all. Tropical Depression Cosme will bring showers to Hawaii this weekend with unusually sticky weather. Here in Lafayette, we will have the crystal clear skies and refreshing breezes with highs only near 80. The only thing we will be missing are the beaches and palm trees. But it will feel so great outside that it will not matter. We have many great events happening around town, including the start of the Tippecanoe County 4-H Fair along with Dancing in the Streets. Jeff Smith is already Dancing in the Streets or at least the newsroom after he got word of my updated forecast. He is not much of a dancer, but in this weather pattern he certainly is. Gina, the former Fair Queen, is looking forward to judging the Fair Queen Pageant and cannot believe she will not have to worry about it feeling like its over 100 degrees. Well believe it! Honolulu eat your heart out!

The weather is so tranquil, I wanted to make sure I took this opportunity to thank the more than 200 parents and kids for coming out to my weather talks at the downtown branch of the Tippecanoe County Public Library. To see all of you take time out of your busy summer vacation schedule really meant a lot. I was humbled by the huge numbers. Here are the pictures of all the great kids. It is hard to believe that I have watched some of them grow up from pre-schoolers to already 7th graders. Time is going by way too fast!

So what did I talk about for about one hour? The blizzard of 2007 of course. I shared some rare behind the scenes video of our weather team that was snowed in together for 3 days. I even showed the mailman delivering during the blizzard. The kids really liked all of the pictures of the snow and told me they wanted another blizzard this year. I made no promises but let them know that this winter may bring another snowy February based on the latest long-range models. It is way too far out to speculate, but you can never say never when it comes to the weather in Indiana. I made sure to remind them of how important reading is and even today the library is one of my favorite places to go. I started checking out books at 5 years old. It is a life-long hobby that can really have a positive impact in your life. One of my recommended books is Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. It is a story full of imagination that really shows how much fun reading can be. This weekend will be perfect to take a book outside. Find a shady spot and you will be all set! Enjoy our slice of July paradise and your book!

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Thank you so much for the library presentation, my daughter and I had a GREAT time!