Monday, July 16, 2007

Free Lawn Waterings on the Way, Live Doppler 18's Vacation is Over!

What a great way to start the week! I have the busiest 7 day forecast of the summer. Live Doppler 18's summer vacation is over. I will get to the big changes in our weather, but we need to talk about how wonderful our weekend was a Columbian Park. You can see the start of the Zoo Run Run race which included hundreds of energetic participants. I cannot thank you enough.

I am very proud of how far this race has come. I helped organize the Zoo Run Run with Craig Irvine of Irvine Travel, 5 years ago. Our intent was to come up with an event to help raise money for the Columbian Park Zoo renovation. All the proceeds would go back to the Columbian Park Zoo that holds a special place in our community's heart. The Columbian Park Zoo has always been a big part of Lafayette and thanks to you it is thriving once again. Our dream has become a reality. We started 5 years ago with only 91 runners and yesterday we had 400 runners and it has become one of Lafayette's biggest races. I cannot thank you enough. Lafayette's new zoo certainly would not have been possible without you. The Friends of the Zoo board that I am a part of deserves a ton of credit for helping to keep this event alive and the volunteers were nothing short of fantastic. I may not be able to control the weather, but I will contine to work hard in bringing more animals and exciting new things to our zoo. Thanks again.

Now we should really be thanking nature for the great news I am about to share! Our week ahead will finally include the heavy, soaking rain we have all been waiting for. We are right in the battle zone between hot air to our south and west and cooler, drier air to our north. We have not seen this set-up in a long time. You throw in a strong jet stream and a stalled front and get ready for plenty of rain. A lot of folks are just plain exhausted when it comes to watering their lawns. Now it is nature that is finally ready to help us out. You have every right to have complained. Look at how long it has been since we have had a real good rainy pattern.

I did throw in those wind gusts over 70 mph, because we really have not seen much severe weather this summer and we are in a risk for severe thunderstorms for a good portion of the week beginning on Tuesday and going through Thursday. Make sure to tune in and we will keep you posted not only on the rain, but any strong storms that develop. Thanks for reading, racing, and watching. I will see you soon.

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Mark G. said...

I don't have enough players for my softball game tonight, and could use a rainout... how about it Prangs, help a brother out?