Thursday, July 12, 2007

A September Sky Tells Us We May Need to Get out the Sweatshirts

Was it really feeling like 102 degree in Chalmers just a couple days ago? Wow! We have gotten rid of the hideous humidity and summer altogether. You could feel the difference just walking outside. Forget about frying eggs on the sidewalk and somehow find a sweatshirt for the late nights and early mornings the next few days. We are in a classic September pattern. The pink clouds in the sky told the story on Wednesday evening. A big thank you to John. It doesn't get any better than a pine creek, blue skies and wispy clouds (called Mares tails). These are very unusual to see this time of year. These clouds only grew brighter and more impressive just after sunset and of course Dena Flanagan was ready!

I thought I was back in Duluth, Minnesota. The higher jet stream winds actually helped to whip up these mare's clouds
that are in fact named after horse's tails. The wispy tails are formed by falling ice crystals at about 20,000 feet high. That is right we had some snow in the atmosphere and winter is right around the corner! Okay, maybe I am getting carried away but you know how I am with snow. Here is another picture helping to sum up our best July day of the month.

Chris tells me there is always something interesting to find out at Propetstown and he certainly has that right. You can thank a huge dip in the jet stream coming into the Midwest helping to bring this touch of July paradise to Lafayette.

This does a couple things. It keeps us in a refreshing pattern with cool breezes and it blocks the heat wave conditions our west from moving our way. We need to enjoy this while we can because our summer intermission will not last very long. Some models are showing at least 4 days in a row of 90 degrees or above next week. We will see, it is still early. But we know we have our hottest weather of the year still ahead of us. I will check back with you here on the blog and talk about scattered rain in the forecast tonight. The northwest flow also means that fast-moving systems to our north have very little moisture to work with. As a result, there are no promises on rain, just comfortable weather. I will check back soon, but for now I am going to follow my own advise and head outside. My dog is licking his chops and so should we with all of this nice weather!

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