Friday, July 27, 2007

Kiss a Pig Contest Raises Several Hundred Dollars for 4H Scholarships

It was a great time out at the Tippecanoe County fair last night and I wanted to make sure to thank everybody for helping to raise several hundred dollars for 4H Scholarships. It was an added bonus that I got to kiss a pig. It feels great to be a two-time Kiss a Pig champion! The balloting was very close as expected. I think the good weather we have had all week gave me a distinct advantage. Here are all the contestants which include Dare officer Barry Richard, Ivy Tech chancellor David Bathe, and the one and only Purdue Peete.

It was the most fun I have had since the blizzard of 2007. You can say I got lucky. I got to kiss a two week old pig named Lucy and she weighed a mere 7 pounds or was about the size of our family dog. So I picked Lucy up and gave her three kisses. It was the first time I ever held a pig and I want to thank Lucy for being a good sport. I wanted to thank all the organizers which included Suzie Jero, Rebecca Morgan, Jeanise Buck, Karen Korty, and Jill Reimenschneider. They also handed out nice wood-carved pig trophies for the first time ever thanks to Donald Clapp. I will show that pig trophy with pride!

Today we do have more pig weather with one more round of showers and thunderstorms. But this is actually good news for our weekend. The weather pattern is moving again thanks to a cold front and it will clean up our messy weather map in time for our fifth consecutive beautiful weekend. I am going to celebrate Christmas in July this weekend with family and friends and even though it will not be a White Christmas, the timing could not be better for fine weather. My wife's grandmother actually displays Christmas decorations and it is always one of the highlights of the summer. This is also race weekend! The duck race at Tropicanoe Cove to raise money for the Lynn Treece Boys and Girls Club may have its best weather ever and for the first time I can remember the Brickyard 400 will not have any threat of rain. Just put on the sunscreen and enjoy. Have a wonderful weekend! I better go Christmas shopping. Here is my present to you! Start those engines!

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