Monday, July 23, 2007

Mysterious Harry Potter Weather Pattern Continues This Week!

The latest maps look like they have had a spell cast on them. You can see the Harry Potter costume contest winner waving his wand at you. I had a great time judging the Harry Potter contest at Wal-Mart on Friday night. I am glad I stayed to almost 1 a.m. and met the tons of Potter fans. I have to admit I have not read one book and have not been to any of the movies. But now I plan to catch-up on reading and see what all the excitement is about. Talk about craziness! At one point the line stretched from the front of the store to the toy section just before the book release at 12:01 a.m. Here is at least part of the line. The line moved quickly once the books were handed out. An amazing 400 books were sold in about 20 minutes. For meteorologists, this would be the equivalent of 3 inches of snow in only an hour.

Here was the youngest Harry Potter fan I could find. He is only 4 months old! You can see the lightning bolt on his forehead if you look closely. This little guy was also in the costume contest and won lots of cool giveaways. He looks like a future meteorologist to me.

My two oldest daughters could not stay away from the big party and had a great time helping Daddy. It was great to be able to include them in what I do and to show them how much hard work is involved, but at the same time how much fun I have on the job everyday. So no matter what they end up doing in life, I wanted to teach them the lesson of making sure to find something they love. Invariably if you do something you love, you will most likely do it well. Now that it is obvious Harry Potter fever has even hit this blog, which I never thought could happen, we can now talk about another fever sweeping Lafayette. That is right, spring fever! Not many folks are complaining and even the Indiana state flower is confused. Look at the peonies below.

They actually bloomed in Lafayette a second time this year which is unheard of. Could it be because we have had two cool spells in July that have made it feel more like May? What a difference a year makes. We had 10 days of 90 or above last year in July. This year we will likely end up with only 2. Our average is more than 3 times that at 7.

This is significant and is unexpected. All the long-range models have been consistent in showing a western heat wave eventually moving into Indiana by late July, and it looks like every single one of them will be wrong. My forecast of having 25 to 30 days of 90 degrees or above definitely looks in jeopardy and we may very well end up closer to average or in the 15 to 20 range.

The timing could not be better for most of us and it was so nice we took our euchre matches outside on Saturday night and played by candlelight. The refreshing breezes did not help me play any better but definitely kept me and all our guests in a great mood. Tonight you can take the euchre matches outside again and keep those windows open.

Tomorrow on the blog, I will talk more about this amazing weather pattern for July. If you cannot wait that long make sure to tune in tonight for some answers. I will also have a sneak peak at your Brickyard 400 forecast and have all your fair weather! Have a great day.

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