Saturday, December 17, 2011

Candy Cane Weather Before Decem"brrrr"s Return

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The California effect moved in yesterday afternoon with a marine layer full of clouds. Our ocean has cooled enough and it does not take much for a warm, tropical wind to condense into clouds. This marine layer moved in with our southeast flow. This is one of the reasons we can turn from sunny to cloudy pretty quickly this time of year. But the good news is the ocean flow is cut off and our Florida sunshine returns in a big way this afternoon!

What a beautiful sunrise captured by Greg at St. Simons Island this morning as a cold front was passing through the area. The Golden Isles will live up to their name today. This cold front will help mix in a drier land breeze from the northwest providing nice bright skies and highs back in the lower to middle 70s with the warmer spots being at the beach! There is some chilly air behind it but it will not arrive until tonight and Sunday. Do not expect any rain as all the upper support is located several hundred miles north of our area.

It may not feel like Christmas here at home but it is looking like it. This is perfect weather to make candy canes. This is what I call candy cane weather since we have all been spoiled rotten so far this December. Eden Kendall shared all the fun this morning with us on Good Morning Jacksonville. If you are looking for something fun to do with the kids today head over to Sweet Peete's and join in on all the holiday fun! Those kids did a great job making candy canes! Speaking of the holidays, a lot of folks asked me where they need to go to see a White Christmas.

Last year I remember telling folks it would be as close to home as the Georgia Mountains. This year a plane ticket will be needed. You can go visit one of my favorite places which is the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont or the Western Great Lakes and if not I am sure a bed and breakfast in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan will be better than a post card! Here is my updated White Christmas map!

This is an amazing turn-around from one year ago. But at least it will be much better for travelers and you can arrive at Grandma's house safely! Now how about here at home? A lot of folks have visitors from up north that want to get out of the cold! Well it looks like their Christmas gift is taken care of courtesy of nature!

This is the forecast I have stuck by since December 1st, although I added in a better chance of rain and if the front hits just right maybe a thunderstorm or two to track on your only Live Doppler Radar. Tonight at 6, 6:30, and 11 we will talk more about where winter has gone and December making a one day return on our Sunday. I do think interior areas will see at least some patchy frost. So dust off the jackets for tonight and Sunday.

If  you are going to the Nights of Lights in St. Augustine temperatures will quickly fall through the 50s this evening. Make sure to look east and make a wish with a loved one. The Geminid meteor shower continues in the east. Watch for dazzling displays of dust coming from the twin stars of Gemini and streaking by Taurus which is close by Gemini to the upper right followed by Jupiter almost overhead this evening. Get out and enjoy the show. This meteor shower officially lasts through the 20th and is known for long, bright yellow trails! I expect at least 10 shooting stars per hour. Have a great day and make sure to slow down and enjoy the weather. I will see you soon!

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