Monday, December 5, 2011

Stratus Sunday & Unusual Cold Air Funnels Ahead of our Big Warm-Up

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tim sent this in from Nocatee and it in fact does show a cold air funnel that formed at about 12,000 feet. This is something you normally would see in Michigan or Wisconsin. It was caused by our strong cold front that moved through late this week. Temperatures in nature's attic quickly fell to zero degrees while temperatures at the ground were more than 60 degrees warmer. You also had wind blowing in different directions at different heights. This caused instability and spin to take place and voila! Now the good news is this funnel stayed in the sky and rarely do they make it to the ground. When they do damage is usually very light. This funnel is more closely related to a water spout than a tornado. It was quite an interesting weekend for clouds.

We also had those infamous stratus clouds that formed this morning near the ground, better known as fog. This is why we dubbed today Stratus Sunday! Downtown virtually disappeared. I am concerned in this pattern as high pressure takes over the fog will only get worse for Monday and Tuesday mornings. So be extra careful. The good news is any rain shower activity will be in the form of mist this morning from the new I-295 to A1A. By this afternoon we should see a few more rays of sunshine and look for another phenomenon called crespuscular rays. It looks like the sun rays will be shining down from heaven. There will have plenty of clouds, moisture and dust in the air to scatter that sunlight and with the lower sun angle it also helps us see this beautiful sight. Take a look at a few of those rays below!

Our weekend skylights do not end here. Guess what else was spotted in the sky ahead of the big event!
You have guessed it. The blimp was overhead taking pictures of the beautiful Jacksonville skyline for Monday Night's nationally televised game. Check it out and I will be back with the most important Jags forecast in their history. Have a great day!

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