Thursday, December 22, 2011

Still on the Nice List at Home, But Nasty Storms North

December 22, 2011

Hello winter! This looks more like Spring and could be used in a Florida tourism commerical. You see Ridge and Dixie enjoying some great fishing weather! Incredible is the weather word of the day. Our temperatures reached record levels in some areas with highs of 82 in Waycross.  In Jacksonville we officially hit a high of 79 which is something we normally would see in the middle of April! So where is winter?  Let's take a look!

Winter? Really nature! This is like a Spring front with severe weather breaking out from Alabama and western Florida through Atlanta and the Carolinas. So while we are nice at home if you have Uncle Johnny and Aunt Peggy coming into town there may be a few travel delays. This same front will give us a chance of a pop up shower or storm by late Friday but most of its upper support will have lifted well north. So I am not expecting severe weather. It will be warm once again with highs near 80.

It is so warm that there are just a few rain showers in the snow belt of the Northeast! I am not quite sure I have ever seen this for this time of year.  I did find winter as we head into 2012! I see a cold shot that could bring us a real freeze and next week maybe a brief taste of December. But for this big Christmas weekend, this Spring front will die out as it moves south with mild air behind it! Expect more 70s and very low chances of rain. Christmas we could be back in the middle 70s and you give some of those outdoor presents a workout.

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