Sunday, December 25, 2011

Heavy Brief Gully Washers Moving North!

December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas! What a day already. I did not get much sleep but it is a good tired and my kids and family are happy. That is all that really matters. Nature has even made this day exciting for me. Notice the towering clouds at sunrise. This looks like a March scene! I cannot totally rule out a few heavy gully washers today especially from I-95 east. They will not last long but be careful. I want everybody to get to Grandma's house safely. It still looks plenty warm today with highs in the lower to middle 70s. Bobbie in Keystone Heights has already reported a high of 75!

You can see our latest rainfall estimates verifying some of those downpours early this afternoon. What is interesting is the wind is blowing northeast up to 1,500 feet and then it veers to south and eventually southwest by time you head up to 10,000 feet. This is causing the air to pile up and converge. We also have upper-level spin moving northward enhancing our lift. This mean rainfall amounts could hit a quick .25" in only about 10 to 20 minutes. Now that is impressive whenever you are talking rain rates over 4 inches an hour. It is even a  bit humid outside. I cannot rule out a brief rumble of thunder but I would think that with the heavier widespread rain will stay offshore.

How about the cookouts? Well keep those plans! I think the brief downpours impacting about 30% of us will diminish by 4 p.m. over North Florida and early evening in Georgia as our upper support lifts north and northeast. It is great to see all the kids out in the neighborhood trying out their new scooters, bikes, and even go-carts. Have a great rest of your day and I look forward to seeing you tonight at 11 p.m. We will talk about a real soaker on the way and I will tell you why you may be able to wear some of those new holiday sweaters later this week! Now off to Mom and Dad's for dinner!

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